John Lennon's son SEAN has developed a fear of fame since his rock star dad was killed by an obsessed Beatles fan 30 years ago.
The Fab Four legend was gunned down outside his New York City apartment on 8 December, 1980, and his 35-year-old son admits the tragedy had a profound effect on him - making him shy away from the spotlight that was cast on his father.
He says, "I have a fear of fame, as my therapist would tell you. But I'm a musician first and foremost.
"I look like my dad. I remember someone saying I was trying to look like my dad because I was wearing glasses. Can you believe that? I'm blind without them. People look at me and they see my dad. They think I'm trying to be famous or something, which is completely misguided."
But the singer is adamant he isn't ashamed of the Lennon legacy.
He adds, "Ultimately people seem to think that being John Lennon's son is a huge weight around my neck but they don't consider for a second how inspiring that might be and how proud I am to have this name."