John Lennon's son SEAN has no plans to celebrate when he turns 35 on Saturday (09Oct10) - he'll be too busy paying tribute to his dad, who shared the same birthday.
The late Beatle's younger son is glad fans around the world will be remembering the star on the special day - and he'll refrain from throwing his own party to join his mum Yoko Ono in honouring Lennon.
The pair will perform a special concert in Reykjavik, Iceland and re-light the Imagine Peace Tower in Lennon's honour.
He explains, "It's too much of an important day to think of my birthday - it's all about being there for mum and remembering dad."
But Sean, who was just five years old when Lennon was killed in 1980, admits he is still heartbroken by the tragedy.
He adds, "I try not to think, 'What if?' But it gets hard for me to imagine what life would have been like if he had lived. I just think it's sad that I've never been able to enjoy an adult relationship (with my dad) like I had with my mum and my friends. But I try not to beat my head against the wall asking what could have been.
"People think I was too young to remember him but there are lots of things I remember about my dad, like him teaching me how to swim, how to use a knife and fork and him rolling up his cigarettes. I remember him telling me about England and promising he'd take me to (his hometown of) Liverpool. But he never did."