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I've researched John Lennon for years, ever since I first did my senior term paper on him in high school. I've pored over biography after biography of Lennon himself, his friends, and the Beatles in general... I've spent years going through news articles, microfisches, statements from even before his Quarrymen days, anything and everything someone who did not personally know John Lennon could possibly get their hands on. While your completely inaccurate portrayal of him as a closet republican might go over with the casual fan who actually knows nothing about him and might help sell some copies of your little movie, it is obvious to anyone who really knows anything about John Lennon that his beliefs were unique and not able to be labeled "republican," "democrat," "liberal" or anything of the sort. Even independent seems to fall short of the true uniqueness of John's mind. The fact is John was a man who defied explanation and, what's more, LOVED pissing people off. He thrived on being inflammatory. If he were talking to a right-winger, he'd argue for the left. Visa versa if he were talking to a left extremist. John seemed to mostly have a problem with people who were so entrenched in their own beliefs that they shut their eyes to the rest of the world. To quote Strawberry Fields: "Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." From what I've gathered over the years, he really did believe in peace, but it seems he had a sort of private cynicism that it could actually ever be - a cynicism that was, temporarily, quelled when he met Yoko Ono. He saw Yoko as a positive force and a refreshing change from the growing ambiance of cynicism that was slowly enveloping Western society. However, as time passed and the "honeymoon period" ended, so to speak, that cynicism seemed to sneak back up on him (Working Class Hero anyone?) toward the end. Anyone can tell you it's much easier to hold on to youthful, naive idealism before experience teaches you the true ways of the world. Mind you what I say here is not irrefutable fact (as I said, NO ONE was really capable of fully grasping John Lennon's mindset), just the result of years of research into one of the most fascinating minds our era has seen. So yes, he did get a little less "radical" at the end... but it wasn't because he was anything but what he always was: John Lennon.

Posted 4 years 7 months ago by KP

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*yawn*Sounds like someone is stretching the truth to sell their documentary. Also, anyone who is a Beatles fan has heard the song Revolution which makes it pretty clear that Lennon was not a fan of radical communism. To quote: "But if you go carrying pictures of chairman MaoYou ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow".

Posted 4 years 7 months ago by ronnie dobbs

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