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I can't believe that THIS is all that you could find to write about on Julian! The man's working on a new album that he's nearly finished, he just received an award for his work with the environment,yet all you can do is blast the man, in the blink of an eye after he posts a blog on his Myspace page after he'd been bombarded with messages up to his eyeballs from "fruitcakes"for months and months ! We all know the world is full of such people, and they seem to gravitate to celebrities and knowing the kind of man Julian is, I KNOW that he had been very tolerant of the kind of messages being sent to him from these people, answering some of them even, being as kind as possible, I'm sure. Everyone has a limit to what they will tolerate, why should Julian not also have such a limit? He's a human being too, and, I might add, one of the kindest, generous, and most gentle around. I think the way you pounced on the chance to write negative things about him says a LOT about what this site is really about... Why didn't you pounce when he was getting his award???.. Shame on you!
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Posted 6 years 9 months ago by tiwici

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