John Lennon was furious when he found out his "stupid" former Beatles bandmate Sir Paul McCartney had been arrested in Japan for possessing marijuana, according to his cleaning lady.

ROSAURA LORENZO was present in the New York apartment Lennon shared with his wife Yoko Ono when the late IMAGINE star was informed of McCartney's behaviour, and subsequently flew into a rage over his ex-colleague's carelessness.

Lorenzo's account of Lennon's reaction to the 1980 incident contradicts numerous reports he was overjoyed at McCartney's misfortune.

She says, "He shouted, walking to and fro in the kitchen, 'For God's sake. How is it possible? If he really needs weed, surely there's enough people who can carry it for him. Is it necessary to run the risk of being found out by the Japanese authorities and world public opinion? You're a Beatle, boy, a Beatle. Your face is in every damn corner of the planet. Why have you been so stupid?'"

22/04/2005 13:32