John Lennon's ex-wife CYNTHIA has spoken out about Sir Paul McCartney's divorce battle - insisting the former beatle should have done more to make his marriage to Heather Mills work.
Cynthia split from MCCartney's late bandmate in 1968 after the star's affair with Yoko Ono was revealed.
The 70 year old admits living with a music icon is hard work, but she's convinced MCCartney's marriage, which ended in 2008 following a bitter court battle, could have lasted if he had worked harder to maintain the relationship.
She says, "She (Mills) became the she-devil and he was stupid. LIke me, I think he should have given it more time. He got married and it was fabulous and then the chemistry wasn't right. But you have to be living with somebody long enough to know that the chemistry is right or not. I've made mistakes from relationships and jumped in at the deep end and that was the situation with Paul. Heather was into good causes and vegetarianism so I understand where he was coming form."