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Cynthia wrote a short book about her life with John Lennon circa 1978. The title is *A Twist of Lennon*. She was married to a guy with the sir name Twist at the time.That book was oh way too tame. No mud was slung at John or Yoko. The book is relativly flattering.Cynthia was very mild mannered. Julian was only 15 years old when her first book was written. Perhaps she had hoped for some long overdue bonding between John and Julian, thus keeping the book very much like what the public already knew about her relationship with John.Well, John is long gone, to all of our dissapointment, including Cynthia's.Now that Julian is 42 years old and Yoko Ono stripped him of his birth rights as far as sentimants go, Cynthia is now brave enough to come out with a tell all book about her ex-husband and his inabillity to deal with parenthood that stemmed from his own childhood, his youth when Julian was born and the sudden fame he found by the time Julian was born.To the Cynthia crittics I will say this: would any of you put one bit of faith in a book written by Yoko? I wouldn't.Cynthia loved John when he was a punk with no dirrection or money.Yoko Ono tried to weasel her way into Paul McCartney's life before she met John. I think Sean Lennon seems like a good kid, but Yoko? Every progect, even in conjunction with John failed misserably.Lennon had free will and had every right to choose what he wanted. Unfortunately he was so fragile that he believed Ono and never really kicked heroin. The drug Ono introduced to him. She was still on heroin when John was killed.I didn't mean for this to be a Ono bashing. The fact is that Cynthia's backround and personality are better suited to be credible.What ever happened to Kyoko?

Posted 10 years 2 months ago by dony

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Julian, I have written to you before and I am not sure if you have gotten the e-mails I have pre-purchaced your "Mum's" book that you are very proud of I can't wait to get it, too...I very much Love the "BeaTles" I was born in 1961 and have been a fan since I was almost 4years old...I just want to say that I really feel your pain,...I believe, John was looking for an alternate MOTHER Parental UNIT,and{yoko ono}, was there,..... to fill the void that had been snatched like the grim reeper stealing away at his soul...don't let this leave you, too bitter, Julian, I have heard you voice and it sounds wonderful so full of life and Love and Happiness! Please I beg of you to let it all the pain go fall away like rain, and with it only remember and embrace the GOOD and with that began to Live Life with a whole new look...Don't let Yoko Ono WIN...Your life is too Precious to be bitter....Please...Peace and Lots of Love coming from Lexington, VA Angie

Posted 10 years 2 months ago by musicislife

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This money-grubbing bitch is full of s**t.I do not believe this at all. Cynthia hangs out with May Pang and it's no wonder. The two of these c**ts should run away together.

Posted 10 years 2 months ago by LucyLennon4me

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