Chris Jericho thinks all modern music is influenced by The Beatles.

The Fozzy frontman says that even his band's brand of heavy metal stems from the melodies of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

The pro-wrestler-turned-musician exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''All the best bands hark back to the Beatles, that goes for Black Sabbath to even bands like Iron Maiden or Metallica. They might not be completely Beatles fanatics but the bands that they're in were influenced by the Beatles. It's all about the melody and the harmonies, the hook within the song.''

Chris - who formed Fozzy in 1999 - claims his band's own heavy sound is based on pop, especially their upcoming fifth album.

He said: ''We're a very heavy band, but also one of the most pop oriented bands, as far as you can take any of our melodies, strip them down, and have four guys singing them in a doo-wop band, almost.

''It's a pop chorus wrapped in a metal song, and that's what makes great bands great bands, the hooks and melodies are inescapable. We've really focused on that for this record, to make every song very hooky, very memorable but also very heavy.''

'Martyr No More' singer Chris added the new album just needs finishing touches before it is ''signed, sealed and delivered'' this summer.

He said: ''Every band always says this is the best thing we've ever done but this is the best thing we've ever done... we really found out who, what Fozzy is.''

Chris also said the title of the album is going to be kept secret until just before release.