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Ozzy: Beatles Were My Inspiration

1st October 2004

Metal star OZZY OSBOURNE has credited rock'n'roll legends THE BEATLES for inspiring the reality star to become a rocker. The former BLACK SABBATH frontman likens JOHN LENNON and SIR PAUL McCARTNEY to modern day...

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Professor Wins Lennon Papers Case

30th September 2004

A University of California professor has won a major case against the FBI after they refused to let him read their secret files on JOHN LENNON. JONATHAN WIENER has spent the past 20 years...

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Ono Begs Chiefs Not To Release Lennon's Killer

29th September 2004

JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO has begged New York parole chiefs not to release the late BEATLE's murderer MARK CHAPMAN, next week (begs04OCT04). Crazed fan Chapman, 49, has served 24 years for killing Lennon...

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Lennon's Sister Condemns Ono's Art Work

27th September 2004

JOHN LENNON's half-sister is furious his widow YOKO ONO is displaying pornographic paintings of the ex-BEATLE's late mother - and she's determined to have them removed. JULIA BAIRD is disgusted Ono's controversial images...

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Fears For Lennon's Killer If Released

26th September 2004

JOHN LENNON fans are threatening revenge attacks on his murderer MARK CHAPMAN, should he be released by a New York parole board next month (OCT04). Crazed BEATLES fan Chapman has served 24 years for...

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Jagger Ready To Ditch Lennon

26th September 2004

ELIZABETH JAGGER is planning to ditch on-off boyfriend SEAN LENNON, because she's too young to be tied down. The model daughter of ROLLING STONE SIR MICK has been dating late BEATLE JOHN LENNON's 28-year-old...

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Lennon Killer In Release Bid

22nd September 2004

Tragic rocker JOHN LENNON's murderer could be a free man next month (OCT04), if he satisfies a parole board he's safe to leave jail. In December 1980, MARK DAVID CHAPMAN shot the BEATLES star...

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Ono Shocks With Breast Picture

17th September 2004

YOKO ONO has unveiled her controversial new photo exhibition, featuring close-up shots of a woman's breasts and genitalia. But the widow of BEATLE JOHN LENNON insists her work is not meant to shock....

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New Musical About John Lennon

16th September 2004

A musical about the life of former BEATLE JOHN LENNON is set to open on New York's Broadway next summer (05), in time for the 25th anniversary of his murder. The show, titled LENNON...

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Lennon's Romance With Jagger Back On

16th September 2004

Rock offspring SEAN LENNON and ELIZABETH JAGGER proved their relationship is back on, by passionately kissing at a star-studded bash. The pair - the son of late BEATLE JOHN LENNON and ROLLING STONE SIR...

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New Lennon Albums Set For Release

9th September 2004

JOHN LENNON fans are set for a couple of extra special gifts this Christmas (04) - the dead BEATLE has two new albums ready for release. The rocker's classic ROCK 'N' ROLL has been...

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Madonna Leaves Fans In Tears

6th September 2004

Pop queen MADONNA reduced her sold-out Paris audience to tears when she dedicated her cover version of late JOHN LENNON's IMAGINE to victims of the recent Russian hostage crisis. The MATERIAL GIRL interrupted...

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Clapton's Ex-wife Regrets Spurning Lennon

1st September 2004

Rocker ERIC CLAPTON's second wife PATTIE BOYD still regrets not inviting late rocker JOHN LENNON to their wedding. The couple married on 27 March 1979 and devastated Lennon by spurning him, but inviting all...

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Hilton In Bijou Battle With New Husband

31st August 2004

Newly-married socialite NICKY HILTON is already at loggerheads with husband TODD MEISTER - over her close pal BIJOU PHILLIPS. The sister of controversial reality star PARIS is stuck in the middle of a feud...

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Ono Remade Give Peace A Chance After 9/11

30th August 2004

YOKO ONO decided to remake GIVE PEACE A CHANCE, her duet with her late husband JOHN LENNON, after the events of September 11 (01) left her deeply shaken. Ono has joined a range of...

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Yoko Oks Lennon Trainers

23rd August 2004

JOHN LENNON will be the focus of a new NIKE trainer range after his widow YOKO ONO gave the company her blessing. The late BEATLE - who was shot dead in 1980 - wore...

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Beatles' Grammys Up For Sale

12th August 2004

Two GRAMMY AWARDS won by THE BEATLES and bandmember SIR PAUL McCARTNEY are up for auction on Saturday (14AUG04). The Fab Four won the golden trophy for A HARD DAY'S NIGHT, while McCartney is...

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Lennon And Jagger 'Still Dating' Says Hall

5th August 2004

Texan beauty JERRY HALL has lashed out at claims her model daughter ELIZABETH JAGGER has dumped JOHN LENNON's son SEAN LENNON. Model-turned-actress Hall says Jagger - whose father is ROLLING STONE MICK - and...

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Granny Wins Fight With Lennon Over Loud Music

25th July 2004

Rock offspring JULIAN LENNON has lost a battle with an old woman and has been ordered to turn down the volume at his Spanish nightclub RED BAR. The un-named woman has won a noise...

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Mccartney: John And I Were Alike

14th July 2004

Rocker SIR PAUL McCARTNEY has discredited claims his vision for THE BEATLES greatly differed from the direction JOHN LENNON wanted to take their music, at least in the early days. The HEY JUDE star...

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Mccartney: John's Christ Comment Was Misunderstood

13th July 2004

Rocker SIR PAUL McCARTNEY has defended JOHN LENNON's controversial statement that THE BEATLES were "bigger" than JESUS CHRIST, insisting his words were misinterpreted. Lennon - who was assassinated in New York in December 1980...

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Ringo Shows Off Beatles Postcard Collection In New Book

13th July 2004

BEATLES drummer RINGO STARR plans to release a limited edition quarter-leather bound book of postcards from JOHN LENNON, PAUL McCARTNEY and GEORGE HARRISON, dating back nearly 40 years. The collection will feature 53 cards,...

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Yoko's 24-Year-old Tune Becomes A Gay Marriage Anthem

11th July 2004

A 1980 YOKO ONO song has been adopted as a pro-gay marriage anthem as it races up America's dance music charts. Ono has re-recorded new versions of EVERY MAN HAS A WOMAN WHO LOVES...

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Damon's Mom Praises 'Caring' Son

8th July 2004

Hollywood heart-throb MATT DAMON has been a "caring" human being since the tender age of 10 - according to his mother NANCY CARLSSON-PAIGE. LESLEY UNIVERSITY professor Carlsson-Paige was delighted when her famous son offered...

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Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody Voted Europe's Top Song

27th June 2004

British group QUEEN'S BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY has been voted the best ever track by European music fans, beating JOHN LENNON's IMAGINE and LED ZEPPELIN's STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. Voters rated the classic 1975 song as their...

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Jagger Helps Lennon Overcome Father's Murder

11th June 2004

Rocker SIR MICK JAGGER's daughter ELIZABETH is desperately trying to help her on-off boyfriend SEAN LENNON overcome the tragic death of former BEATLE JOHN LENNON. The musician's artist mother YOKO ONO confesses her son...

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Lennon's Last Drawing For Sale

10th June 2004

Assassinated BEATLES icon JOHN LENNON's last known autographed drawing is going on sale at an auction in London. The piece of paper, signed "For Ribeah love John Lennon" with doodle portraits, was signed on...

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Lennon And Jagger "All Over Each Other"

4th June 2004

BEATLES legend JOHN LENNON's son SEAN and ROLLING STONES icon MICK JAGGER'S daughter ELIZABETH have scorched reports of a split - by passionately kissing at a party. The rock offspring had reportedly called time...

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Beatle Against Rutles

3rd June 2004

Rock legend SIR PAUL McCARTNEY will have to share the limelight at this month's GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL with a BEATLES spoof band he hates. The former Fab Four frontman has been booked to headline the...

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Mccartney's Decade Of "Grief"

2nd June 2004

Rock legend SIR PAUL McCARTNEY nearly gave up music during his "10 years of hell" in the 1970s - when he sued his BEATLES bandmates to dissolve the group. The MY LOVE singer became...

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