John Legend hopes people get romantic to his music.

The 'Made to Love' singer - who married his long-term partner Chrissy Teigen last year - would find it weird to listen to himself while getting in the mood, but likes to think other people find his voice particularly suitable.

He said: ''My favourite music to set the mood is by Marvin Gaye. Hopefully your favourite is by yours truly?''

Since getting married John has been pulling his weight in the kitchen, but admits his model wife - who he wed exactly seven years after meeting - is the better chef.

He added: ''My wife is the expert cook, but I make a soulful mac 'n' cheese.''

However, John prefers to steer clear of both carbs and alcohol before he goes on-stage, because he wants his voice to be in tip top shape for when he sings.

He told Us Weekly magazine: ''Before every show I eat half a rotisserie chicken. I have red wine backstage, but I almost never drink because it's not great for my voice. When I'm off tour, I try to make up for lost time!''