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Donna Summer Lung Cancer Caused By 9/11

Donna Summer Dr John John Howard

Donna Summer believed the 9/11 terrorism acts contributed to her lung cancer.

The star died aged 63 yesterday (17.05.12) and according to reports she had complained that toxic dust containing lead, asbestos and Mercury was the reason for her ill health.

Donna - who passed away in Florida - was in a nearby apartment building in New York City on the day of the attacks in 2001.

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40th Anniversary Of Talkback Radio In Australia Luncheon

John Howard - Australian Prime Minister John Howard and John Laws Westin Hotel 40th anniversary of talkback radio in Australia luncheon Saturday 28th July 2007

John Howard
John Howard
John Howard
John Howard
John Howard
John Howard

Jindabyne Review

Although the odor of buried sin and some vast, encroaching punishment hangs over most every frame of Jindabyne, this is hardly a religious film in the traditional manner. After a disturbing crime, church and an old family Christian tradition hold no succor. There seems to be only the wild vastness of Australia's New South Wales, a landscape more comfortable with the rawer, less enfeebled spirituality of the few, benighted aborigines still living in the area. Given the ardor with which some of the characters pursue a form of redemption, one can only hope that there's a god of sorts out there in the land's soaring endlessness paying attention -- and maybe even granting absolution.

Intelligently adapted by screenwriter Beatrix Christian from Raymond Carver's short story "So Much Water So Close to Home," Jindabyne is about the things people do to remember that they're alive, and the things they want to forget that make them feel dead. Set in the titular small village (a sign on the road identifies it as "a tidy town") Laura Linney and Gabriel Byrne play Claire and Stewart Kane, a couple with troubles surrounded by friends and coworkers with plenty of their own. Everyone works the small-time kind of jobs you can find in a town the size of Jindabyne, Claire clerking at a drugstore and Stewart (a former auto racing star) running a gas station. There's darkness in the Kanes' past, like the year and a half when Claire lived elsewhere after the birth of their son Tom (played with heartbreaking sincerity by Sean Rees-Wemyss), never explained. A couple they're friends with has troubles, too: a dead daughter and now the unexpected stewardship of their goddaughter, Caylin-Calandria (Eva Lazzaro), a haunted and troublemaking 10-year-old who seems to have a death wish.

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Lost Horizon Review

The weirdest film by Frank Capra, this epic was adapted from James Hilton's bestselling novel about a plane full of passengers stranded in Tibet who are brought to the imaginary utopia Shangri-la. (Hilton's sensational fantasy was inspired by mountaineering trips to the Himalayas -- pretty much unknown then -- and it probably still influences how people in the West think about Tibet.)

Lost Horizon is a strange but haunting mixture of drama, long expository passages, and romance, with lavish, Xanadu-like sets set against stock footage of icy mountains -- but the performance of Ronald Colman carries the movie. Colman's character is a Brit who decides he doesn't mind hanging with the Buddhists and enjoying the quiet life, but some of his companions are unhappy in the worker's paradise and debate whether to try to escape. Sensuality is provided by the young Jane Wyatt, later the matron on TV's Father Knows Best (Wyatt's character is even shown in a distant frontal nude scene, a wink at the Hays Code).

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John's 'Up Yours' Attack On Australian Pm

Elton John John Howard David Furnish

SIR Elton John has launched a scathing attack on the Australian Prime Minister for opposing same-sex civil partnerships.
John Howard and his government blocked plans to allow same sex 'marriages' earlier this year (06), and the ROCKET MAN star is angry with the lack of legislation to protect gay couples in Australia.
When asked to deliver a message to Howard during his current trip Down Under, the gay singer said, "Up Yours".
The 59-year-old and his partner David Furnish became one of the first couples in England to tie the knot in a civil partnership ceremony last December (05).

Bono Meets Australian Treasurer

Bono U2 John Howard

Campaigning rocker Bono failed to convince Australia to increase their foreign aid donations during a meeting with the country's treasurer PETER COSTELLO in the capital Canberra today (21NOV06).
The singer is currently touring Australia with U2 and recently invited Prime Minister John Howard to discuss the country's aid expenditure with him, but the leader declined.
Bono is asking Australia to follow other Western nations by giving 0.7 per cent of their gross domestic products to developing countries.
Following his meeting with Costello in Treasury Place, Bono said, "He (Costello) explained it's not a measure of how effective the aid is, I agreed, but if the aid is effective, 0.7 is a commitment that can transform hundreds of thousands, millions of lives."
Costello added, "It was a very warm and positive discussion and I'm very, very pleased that I did it. He said he understood our focus on getting rid of corruption and corrupt regimes and I think we're in total agreement that until you can show that all aid is being used properly, there's no point in engaging in more of it."
Earlier this month (NOV06), Howard attacked crusading celebrities, such as Bono, declaring, "Leaders of pop culture... some of those commentators are not so ready to acknowledge the extraordinarily large number, the billions of people in this region and in other parts of the Asia region, that have been lifted from poverty over the last 25 years as a result of the application of the principles of innovation and globalisation."

Bono Desperate To Meet Aussie Pm

Bono John Howard U2

Bono has invited Australian Prime Minister John Howard to meet him for a discussion on the nation's aid to developing countries during U2's tour down under.
The rock campaigner says the Antipodean nation are not donating enough money to fight global poverty and hopes Howard can find the time to meet him this month (NOV06).
Bono said to the Australian media on Monday (06NOV06), "I wanted to talk to your PM about Africa and also the commitment to 0.7 per cent, which is a big thing.
"A lot of people in this country have signed on the idea of spending 0.7 per cent of GDP on the world's poor.
"I'm not that fussed and if he would like to meet me, if he is serious about 0.7 per cent, then I'm sure we'll find out about it and I would be very pleased to meet him. If he's not serious, I don't want to meet him.
"I think the Prime Minister is looking on it and taking it very seriously but again, you Australians have to give him permission to spend your money. I wouldn't dare to tell Australians what to do. I can only (say) what other countries are doing."

Irwin Honoured At Crocoseum

Steve Irwin John Stainton John Howard

LATEST: TV naturalist Steve Irwin's public memorial service will take place at his beloved 'Crocoseum' at Queensland's Australia Zoo, his widow reveals.
The announcement is the first public comment TERRI has made since her husband was tragically killed by a stingray barb in the chest last Monday (04SEP06).
Much larger venues were initially suggested for the public send-off to accommodate the overwhelming outpouring of grief his death has prompted around the globe.
However, Terri insists the zoo Irwin's father set up is the most fitting venue for the reptile wrestler's memorial.
She said in a statement, "I cannot see how a memorial service would work in any other place other than the Crocoseum which he built here at the zoo and of which he was so proud.
"I would therefore ask that everyone please bear with me in this wish and help me to make this happen."
The public memorial will take place on Wednesday (20SEP06). Terri, Irwin's eight-year-old daughter BINDI, his father BOB and his friend and manager John Stainton will all speak.
The event will be broadcast live on television across Australia, the United States and Asia.
Australian country singer JOHN WILLIAMSON, one of Irwin's favourite performers, will perform.
A private funeral took place at the zoo on Saturday (09SEP06) after his family turned down Prime Minister John Howard's offer of a state funeral.

Irwin Mourned At Low-key Funeral

Steve Irwin John Howard

CROCODILE HUNTER star Steve Irwin's funeral has taken place in Queensland, Australia, according to local media reports.
The low-key private ceremony attended by family and friends went ahead in Caloundra. Irwin will be buried at Australia Zoo, owned by his family.
A source tells Australia's Sunday Mail newspaper, "The service was a service for family and good friends, people who were close to Steve in recent years.
"The council gave the family permission to bury Steve at the zoo and we think they're going to erect a monument there so visitors can continue to pay their respects."
Internationally acclaimed conservationist Irwin died last Monday (04SEP06) after being stung in the chest by a stingray while diving on the Great Barrier Reef.
The news of his tragic death shocked the world and sparked a huge outpouring of grief, particularly in his homeland Australia.
The country's Prime Minister John Howard had offered a state funeral for Irwin, but his father BOB IRWIN insisted his son would have wanted a simple farewell.

Crocodile Hunter Will Have Simple Goodbye

Steve Irwin John Howard

LATEST: The father of CROCODILE HUNTER star Steve Irwin has confirmed his son will have a low-key private funeral rather than a big state ceremony.
Internationally acclaimed conservationist Irwin died on Monday (04SEP06) after being stung in the chest by a stingray while diving on the Great Barrier Reef.
The news of his tragic death shocked the world and sparked a huge outpouring of grief, particularly in his homeland Australia.
The country's prime minister John Howard said Irwin's death was "a huge loss to Australia" and offered a state funeral for the charismatic naturalist.
But Steve's father BOB insists his son would have wanted a simple funeral, because "he's an ordinary guy, and he wants to be remembered as an ordinary bloke".
Irwin's funeral will be held in Australia within the next seven days (begs07SEP06), while a public memorial service will be held within the next two weeks.

Chesney's Bush Boots

Kenny Chesney George W Bush Renee Zellweger John Howard Rocky Carroll

Country singer Kenny Chesney is thrilled after US President George W Bush presented him with a customised set of cowboy boots. The HOW FOREVER FEELS hitmaker, who briefly married actress Renee Zellweger last year (05), was a guest at special White House dinner in honour of Australian Prime Minister John Howard on Tuesday (16MAY06). Bush commissioned his favourite bootmaker, Texas-based Rocky Carroll to design black eel skin boots for Chesney, with the initials KC and the flags of the United States and Australia emblazoned across them. Chesney enthused, "The president knows what to give somebody."

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