Netflix has been giving it the big one about its streaming service, moving its focus onto originally created content and also expanding its subscription numbers hugely, particularly recently with the new Arrested Development episodes reaching a huge audience. However, there’s a rumbling in the distance, with giants Amazon making their own move into the streaming TV business – and they’ve just announced five new original shows that will air later this year and into 2014. Game on.

Admittedly we would’ve thought that you’d need more than John Goodman to make a real impact, but the former Fred Flinstone has starred in some pretty superb roles since, so there’s definitely potential in Alpha House, which is being billed as a political comedy. There will be another comedy on board too, according to The Independent, with Betas focusing on four young entrepreneurs and their start-up company. Very 21st century. Children’s show Annebots will be about a young scientist and her female helpers, while there’ll be two more shows also aimed at a younger audience. Creative Galaxy is an animated program about an alien artist, while Tumbleaf follows the adventures of a blue fox named Fig.

There’s no doubt that the shows – all produced by Amazon Studios – are a reaction to the move made by Netflix, which has seen it shed many of its bought in titles in order to focus on developing its own content. House Of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey, has been a success for the company since launching in February.

John Goodman
John Goodman will be spearheading Amazon's challenge

John Goodman
Goodman at the BFI Film Festival