Fans have got their first look at John Cusack as the American poet and author Edgar Allen Poe in James Mcteigue's 'The Raven'. The psychological thriller tells the story of Poe's final days, during which he goes in hot pursuit of a serial killer whose murders mirror those in his books.
The opening moments of the trailer see Detective Emmett Fields, played by Luke Evans, discussing a double murder in which a young girl's body was found lodged up a chimney, while her mother's head was severed with a single razor. The Detective summons Poe and explains the heinous crimes, to which the writer responds, "You are referring to one of most stories - a work of fiction". Detective Fields interrupts, "I'm afraid I am not..what cannot be disputed is that your imagination is the inspiration of a horrendous crime". Poe was considered one of the earliest practitioners of the detective fiction genre, but was also a noted poet. The upcoming movie takes its title from the writer's most famous piece of work - a poem first published in 1845 but that is still regarded as one of the most famous pieces ever written.
After wrapping up work on 'The Raven', John Cusack began working on the thriller 'The Paperboy', in which he replaced Tobey Maguire in the lead role. The movie follows the story of a reporter who returns to his hometown of Florida to investigate the case of death row inmate. 'The Raven' hit cinemas in the U.S. on 9th March 2012.