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John C. Reilly (born 24.5.1965) John C. Reilly is an American film actor.

Childhood: John Reilly was born to an Irish-American father and Lithuanian mother; the fifth of six children. He was raised on Chicago and attended Brother Rice High School. Reilly went on to graduate from Chicago's DePaul University.

Film Career: In 1989, John Reilly made his film debut in Casualties of War. The Brian de Palma movie starred Michael J. Fox and Sean Penn. Another highlight of Reilly's early career was his role alongside Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights in 1997. The cult hit also starred Burt Reynolds, Heather Graham, Julianne Moore and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

A turning point for John C. Reilly's career came in 2002, when he was cast in three Academy Award-nominated films. Firstly was Chicago, a film adaptation of the popular musical. The film version starred Catherine Zeta Jones, Renee Zellweger, Richard Gere and Queen Latifah. The next film in the queue for awards was Gangs of New York. Despite featuring an all-star cast (including Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis and Cameron Diaz), the Martin Scorsese-directed movie failed to win any Academy Award. The final film in Reilly's successful trilogy of 2002 was The Hours. Nicole Kidman brought home an Oscar for her performance and the film also starred Meryl Streep, Ed Harris and Julianne Moore.

In 2004, John C. Reilly worked with Martin Scorsese once more, in the Howard Hughes biopic The Aviator. The movie saw Reilly sharing screen time with DiCaprio once more, as well as Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin and Kate Beckinsale.

Two years later, Reilly showcased his comic talents in Talladega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby, which featured Will Ferrell. That same year, he worked with Woody Harrelson, Lindsay Lohan and Meryl Streep in Robert Altman's A Prairie Home Companion.

2007 saw John Reilly starred in the biopic parody Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, which took off a number of musical biopics, including those of Ray Charles and Johnny Cash.

Following this, John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell worked together once more, on Step Brothers. The film also featured Kathryn Hahn and Mary Steenburg and was written by Adam McKay (who also wrote Talladega Nights.).

Reilly has also worked in television, appearing frequently on Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! This led on to a spin-off series, Check it Out! with Dr. Steve Brule. Reilly has also provided his voice for an episode of The Simpsons (entitled 'Any Given Sundance').

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68th Cannes Film Festival - amfAR

John C. Reilly - 68th Cannes Film Festival - amfAR's Cinema Against Aids Gala at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes at Cannes Film Festival - Cannes, France - Thursday 21st May 2015

John C. Reilly

68th Annual Cannes Film Festival

John C Reilly and Angeliki PAPOULIA - 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival - 'The Lobster' - Premiere at Cannes Film Festival - Cannes, France - Saturday 16th May 2015

Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, John C Reilly, Aggeliki Papoulia and Lea Seydoux

68th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Ben Whishaw, Lea Seydoux and John C. Reilly - A variety of stars were photographed as they attended a photo call for 'The Lobster' at the 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France - Friday 15th May 2015

Ben Whishaw, Lea Seydoux and John C. Reilly

Will Ferrell Star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

John C. Reilly - Photographs from the ceremony in honor of comedy actor Will Ferrell as he received a Star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame in Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 24th March 2015

John C. Reilly

Will Ferrell Honoured With Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Will Ferrell John C Reilly Molly Shannon Kevin Hart

On the eve of the release of his latest movie Get Hard, Will Ferrell has been honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The unveiling ceremony took place on Tuesday on Hollywood Boulevard, and was attended by fellow comics John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon.

Reilly, who was Ferrell’s co-star in Step Brothers and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, led the speeches in front of the Hollywood Wax Museum, saying “maybe someday, in 50 years, people will look down on the sidewalk and say the things that we say today about some of these people: 'Who the f--- is this guy?’”

Will Ferrell
Will Ferrell was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Inherent Vice LA Premiere

John C. Reilly - Inherent Vice LA Premiere at TCL Chinese Theater - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 10th December 2014

John C. Reilly

Life After Beth Review


While zombie rom-coms aren't original (see Shaun of the Dead or Warm Bodies), this take on the genre has such a deadpan tone that it feels refreshingly unpredictable. While the plot sometimes seems like it's going to spin completely out of control, writer-director Jeff Baena (who wrote I Heart Huckabees) holds it together with clever twists and turns and smart, witty dialogue. And the terrific cast helps balance the humour and horror with a hint of emotional depth.

It opens as soulful teenager Zach (Dane DeHaan) is grieving about his recently deceased girlfriend Beth (Aubrey Plaza), who was killed by a snake bite. As Zach and Beth's parents (John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon) help each other get over the shock, they are startled when she arrives back home as if nothing happened. Utterly unaware that she's undead, Beth can't understand why Zach is looking at her strangely, while her parents become super protective, refusing to let her outside for fear that someone will spot a dead girl walking around. Then Zach begins to notice that Beth isn't the only person in town who has come back to life. And when he runs into old friend Erica (Anna Kendrick), Beth's jealousy seems to trigger a full-on zombie invasion.

By focussing on the warped relationships between the characters, the film keeps the audience both involved and entertained. The humour is a mix of bone-dry dialogue and riotously nutty visual gags that escalate as the story progresses. And there are constant wrinkles in the plot, such as how Beth conveniently can't remember breaking up with Zach before she died. Or how Zach's gung-ho brother (a scene stealing Matthew Gray Gubler) reacts to the growing threat of the walking-dead. And by combining real heart with silly comedy and even some genuine scariness, filmmaker Baena manages to make some sharp observations about both love and grief.

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'Life After Beth' Adds New Twist To Old Genre

Aubrey Plaza Dane DeHaan John C Reilly Jeff Baena Anna Kendrick Matthew Gray Gubler

Zombie movies are as old as cinema itself, kicking off with 1930s hits like 'White Zombies' and 'The Devil's Daughter'. The genre came to mainstream prominence with George A. Romero's 'Night of the Living Dead' in 1968, after which the undead onslaught has been fairly unceasing. But a subset is just as venerable: the zombie comedy, or zom-com, can trace its roots back to 1941's 'King of the Zombies' and 1945's 'Zombies on Broadway'. More recent examples include Peter Jackson's 'Braindead' (1992) and 'Zombieland' (2009).

Dane DeHaan and Aubrey Plaza star in 'Life After Beth'
Dane DeHaan and Aubrey Plaza star in 'Life After Beth'

The most memorable recent zom-com is obviously Edgar Wright's 'Shaun of the Dead' (2004), which introduced a further sub-genre: the zom-rom-com. This paved the way for the likes of the Spanish romp 'Juan of the Dead' (2010), 'Warm Bodies' (2013) and 'All Cheerleaders Die' (also 2013).

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Guardians of the Galaxy Review


By refusing to follow the usual formula, filmmaker James Gunn has made Marvel's best-yet movie, a summer action-adventure that provides more cinematic fun than the rest of the year's blockbusters rolled into one. It's shamelessly entertaining, keeping the focus on sparky characters even as the action spirals into exhilarating set-pieces around them. And the best thing is that the film isn't actually about the big plot: it's about a group of people who should hate each other but instead come together as a team.

In a pre-logo sequence set in 1988 America, a young boy is kidnapped by aliens. Some 25 years later, Peter (Chris Pratt) has become an ace thief who roams the galaxy in search of cash. Curious and charming, he can get himself out of most scrapes, but when he collects a mysterious orb for a client he ends up as the target of two bounty hunters, the raccoon-like Rocket and tree-like Groot (voiced by Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel). And the villainously destructive Ronan (Lee Pace) sends his best fighter Gamora (Zoe Saldana) to get the orb for his own nefarious plan. Rounded up and thrown into prison, Peter, Gamora, Rocket and Groot stage a daring escape with the help of literal-minded muscleman Drax (Dave Bautista), then must work together to deal with this troublesome orb. So they contact Peter's mentor/nemesis Yondu (Michael Rooker) before taking on Ronan and his second-best fighter, Gamora's half-cyborg sister Nebula (Karen Gillan).

Gunn gives the film a look and tone unlike anything in the Marvel universe, with colourful ships, sassy humour and freewheeling action that propels the story and deepens the character at the same time. It also makes the most of the well-worn 1980s mixtape Peter uses as his own personal soundtrack. It's the kind of riotously thrill ride that makes us hold on for dear life, loving every twist and turn. And since it's so tightly focused on the characters, the action plot involving the orb merely adds texture around the edges. As do terrific actors like Glenn Close and John C. Reilly in small but pivotal roles.

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New 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Trailer: What We Noticed

Chris Pratt Zoe Saldana Bradley Cooper Vin Diesel Glenn Close Dave Bautista Josh Brolin James Gunn John C Reilly Karen Gillan Benicio Del Toro

Prepare to check out the new trailer for the upcoming summer blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy, which is due to open from the end of July. James Gunn's visualisation of Marvel's lesser-known comic book series recruits a stellar cast in an outer space setting with jaw-dropping special effects and rib-tickling one-liners.

Chris Pratt takes the lead alongside Zoe Saldana, Lee Pace, Karen Gillan, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Josh Brolin, John C. Reilly, Glenn Close Benicio Del Toro and Dave Bautista in what looks to be one of the action highlights of summer 2014.

In a nutshell, Pratt's adventurer, Peter Quill, gets stranded in space and unites a team of unlikely ex-con aliens in order to mount a defence against the cosmic threat of Ronan, a powerful villain with ambitions that threaten the entire universe.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy's Groot Appears Cast Favourite Following Q&A

Vin Diesel Karen Gillan James Gunn Chris Pratt Glenn Close Bradley Cooper Lee Pace Benicio Del Toro John C Reilly Zoe Saldana

Guardians of the Galaxy, the latest film based on Marvel’s comic books, is due to be released in July. With fans already speculating about the film’s plotline and special effects, the cast and crew were happy to chime in with a special Q&A session on Facebook on Monday (19th May). The session followed the release of the film’s second trailer, following the shorter teaser trailer we saw back in January.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Chris Pratt stars as Peter Quill in GoG.

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Boston College Celebrates Anchorman 2 With 'Ron Burgundy School Of Communication'

Will Ferrell Steve Carell Paul Rudd John C Reilly

The Anchorman sequel is almost here and if that's not exciting enough for you then the news that top Boston university, Emerson College, will temporarily rename its school of communication 'The Ron Burgundy School of Communication' will send you into full-blown, movie-quoting overdrive.

Anchorman 2
Smell That? It's 'Sex Panther' And It's Coming Our Way!

Indeed, It's exactly a month until Ron Burgundy, Brian Fantana, Brick Tamland and Champ Kind reunite for more debauched and bungling action. To celebrate the occasion, the prestigious Boston college will rename the school for one day only on the 4th December to honor the fictitious television anchorman, reports the AP.

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Guardians of the Galaxy: Is Chris Pratt The Next Big Hollywood Star?

Chris Pratt Kathryn Bigelow Osama Bin Laden James Gunn Dave Bautista Zoe Saldana Lee Pace Glenn Close Karen Gillan Benicio Del Toro John C Reilly Joel Edgerton Jack Huston Jim Sturgess Eddie Redmayne Joseph Gordon-Levitt Christian Bale

Chris Pratt, the 34-year-old actor who has bagged himself some pretty tasty roles in recent years, is bulking up for his role in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Pratt is the latest movie star to undergo a dramatic physical transformation and posted his progress in an Instragram photo this week.

It's not the first time the Parks and Recreation actor has changed weight for a movie role - he sported a hugely toned physique for his role as a member of Seal Team Six in Kathyn Bigelow's Osama Bin Laden movie 'Zero Dark Thirty' last year.

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Glenn Close To Play Top Cop In Marvel's 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'

Glenn Close James Gunn Chris Pratt Zoe Saldana Lee Pace Michael Rooker John C Reilly Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joel Edgerton Jack Huston Jim Sturgess Eddie Redmayne Samuel L Jackson Anton Yelchin Frank Langella

Well this is a surprising casting, though one that sort of makes a ton of sense. According to the, Marvel Studios has landed Oscar winning actress Glenn Close to play a major new role in its latest franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy. The actress will reportedly play a leadership role in Nova Corp, the intergalactic space control.

The new James Gunn-directed movie goes into production next month, so Marvel have left it late to cast what is essentially a major role. The movie already boasts a pretty decent looking cast including Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker and John C. Reilly. Pratt landed the lead role following a search that included Marvel looking at Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Joel Edgerton, Jack Huston, Jim Sturgess and Eddie Redmayne

Sources tell Deadline that Close's role will be the closest thing to the one that Samuel L. Jackson plays in The Avengers, though perhaps with more of an edge. Close has proven she can play the hardnosed character in the likes of Damages, Fatal Attraction and, err, 101 Dalmatians and we see her being a real hit in Guardians.

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Wreck-it Ralph Review


Visually ambitious and packed with inside jokes for arcade gamers, this colourful animated adventure is an enjoyable romp but is probably too energetic for its own good. It simply never settles down so that we can sink into its various settings or get to know its lively characters. So in the end we've enjoyed the talent of the animators and the vocal cast, but we feel rather exhausted.

The story is set in a vintage 1980s arcade game called Fix-it Felix Jr, in which Felix (voiced by McBrayer) must repair damage inflicted by Ralph's (Reilly)massive fists. But after 30 years, Ralph is tired of being the unloved villain. He wants to be the good guy for a change, so heads across the room into another game, the combat role-play adventure Hero's Duty. There he's trained by tough-talking squadron leader Calhoun (Lynch) and battles space insects to win a medal and escape. But a killer bug follows him into the candy-themed road-race game Sugar Rush, threatening the balance of the whole arcade.

The majority of the plot takes place here, as Ralph teams up with unloved "glitch" Vanellope to challenge the smiling tyrant King Candy (Tudyk). Unlike the pixellated Fix-it Felix Jr and the virtual reality of Hero's Duty, Sugar Rush is a pink-hued, delicious-looking land of sugary treats. Each of these games, and the transfer station between them, is populated by spirited characters with their own subplots. And there are also appearances by iconic favourites such as Pac-Man, Mario and Q*bert. So with the different animation styles and eclectic ensemble of characters, our eyes aren't bored for a second.

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