Former Playboy model and 1994 'Playmate of the Year', Jenny McCarthy, has tried on multiple occasions to get into the armature porn scene with her husband, John Asher. Unfortunately for her, she states that she never looks as good as she would want, and gets her husband to erase the tapes after she takes a look at them. Her biggest complaint is that she doesn't look like the "a fancy porn star" she wants to.

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In an interview with 'FMH' men's magazine, McCarthy talked about filming herself having sex, explaining that: "We've done it maybe three times, but I've made him erase the tape afterwards because I didn't look like a fancy porn star. On the other hand, I've gotten into watching amateur porn lately. It's fan-f**king-tastic - those people are really getting off and you know it's just somebody's friend taping it."