The latest comedy from the Wayans brothers (well, actually mostly younger cousins, too), Dance Flick, has received mostly mixed reviews. While Carrie Rickey of the Philadelphia Inquirer calls it a "gigglefest," John Anderson of Newsday describes it as "cluelessly crude." And while Jennie Punter in the Toronto Globe and Mail hails it as "an entertaining, moderately irreverent comedy that launches the silly movie season on a sure foot," Kyle Smith in the New York Post dismisses it as a "grade-school parody." Grabbing a dance metaphor, USA Today 's Claudia Puig comments that it "occasionally hits its mark with nimble execution. But too often it stumbles clumsily into bad taste." That's not necessarily a bad thing, writes Stephen Holden in the New York Times . "The cramming together of so much potentially offensive humor has a reverse effect. In a watchdog culture where candid remarks and clothing choices are continually weighed on the Internet as to whether so-and-so or such-and-such is going too far, Dance Flick exhales the rank humidity accumulated in a climate of obsessive caution. Its belly laughs leave you feeling liberated and not guilty; I repeat, not guilty."