Review of Songs From The White Sea Album by John Alexander Ericson

Review of John Alexander Ericson's album Songs From The White Sea.

John Alexander Ericson Songs From The White Sea Album

Having previously had input into releases from Alberta Cross and The Northern Territories, John Alexander Ericson's debut UK album is a self-produced effort and is due for release on September 28.

If you like the timeless pop of Abba or the garage-rock of The Hives, then Sweden's Ericson may not be for you, for his sound has a much more organic origin. This certainly shouldn't put you off though, for his fragile vocals are backed by beautiful melodies and this is evident from opening track 'Blinded By Highways'. 'Midnight Warriors' is lullaby-like with a great use of underlying strings, while 'Mary Song' is a haunting soundtrack built upon a mournful piano. Every song has impressive qualities, 'The Man In White' being particularly warming, while 'In The Eleventh Hour' features soothing harmonies. By the time final track 'Over The Darkness And Over The City' rolls around you'd be forgiven for being satisfied with what has preceded it, but Ericson saves one of the best until last. Building patiently, you hardly notice the instrumental development until it builds to a sweeping crescendo - a classy end to a lovely album.

Alex Lai

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