If you're a fan of alternative rock music, you might recall an odd announcement from 2004, which heralded the unlikely reunion of The Pixies, the influential post-punk band that found modest success before disbanding amidst creative difficulties. But The Pixies had that rare legacy that outlived their time actually recording and touring. Most famously Kurt Cobain cited them as one of his most critical influences. And "Where Is My Mind?," perhaps their most famous (and best) song, plays over the final scene of Fight Club, as if it were almost custom written for the film.

But that was The Pixies then. The Pixies now are an older, weathered, almost beat-down quartet. Frank Black is considerably obese (and bald). Kim Deal has finally come out of rehab. David Lovering attempted a career as a magician and a metal-detecting beachcomber. And Joey Santiago settled down with a family.

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