U.S. Tv star Joey Lawrence is thrilled to see Kanye West's new look - because it's straight out of his Blossom wardrobe.

The actor rocked the ripped denim and flannel look for years as Joey Russo on the hit Tv show, and so when style king West was photographed in similar attire recently, Lawrence was delighted when the U.S. media outlets noted how much the rapper's look resembled his old image.

In a new interview with Oprah Winfrey, which will air in America on Sunday (15Dec13), Lawrence says, "The Joey Russo look honestly with the ripped jeans and the flannel around the waist... We didn't have social media back then but it took off in half a season. I can only imagine what it could've done today.

"It's pretty crazy because 15, 17 years later Kanye was rocking a red and black flannel around his waist in Paris during the Louis Vuitton show over the summer. Sure enough People or Us Weekly said, 'Kanye is rocking his Joey Lawrence in Paris'.

"I'm sure he loved that, the fashion icon that he is! He'd be like, 'No, this is not Joey. Joey who?'"