It’s the 4th of July, it’s hot dog season… yep, you guessed it, the annual Coney Island competitive hot dog eating competition has crowned a winner. Joey Chestnut gobbled up 69 wieners (Freud would have a field day with this stuff) and took home the championship for the seventh time. Keep in mind that this is a serious competition, with serious prize money on the line - $100 000 to be precise. Chestnut wolfed down the hot dogs, complete with buns, in 10 minutes flat – a brand new record in competitive eating. Although, to be fair, the old record – 68 hot dogs – was also set by Chestnut in 2009 and matched (again by him) last year. He also commented that it isn’t the money that motivates him.

Joey Chestnut, Coney Island Competitive Eating Championship
To the victor go the spoils.

“I’d do this for nothing,” Chestnut said for the Wall Street Journal after the display of sporting prowess.

The winner of the female competition is the 100-pound wonder Sonya Thomas, who managed to scarf down 37 pieces before the ten minutes were up. The old saying about mind over matter seems to prove true again, although in quite an unexpected way.

Joey Chestnut, Coney Island Competitive Eating Championship
We sure hope those dogs weren't spoiled though.

Both winners will get to take home an appropriately mustard yellow championship belts. Of course, there’s also the prize money, but presumably there’s nothing better than handing that baby up over the fireplace and bragging about it to the grandkids years later. Happy 4th of July, people!

Joey Chestnut, Coney Island Competitive Eating Contest
Patriotism at its finest.