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First Pics Of 'Suicide Squad' Cast Revealed

David Ayer Will Smith Jared Leto Cara Delevingne Margot Robbie Adam Beach Joel Kinnaman Jai Courtney

DC Comics fans, stop what you’re doing and pay attention! Suicide Squad director David Ayers has shared the first official photographs of the main cast in full costume on Twitter, including Will Smith as Deadshot.

The movie, whose release is still fifteen months away, concerns a motley crew of supervillains who conduct covert operations on behalf of the US government in exchange for receiving cuts to the lengths of their prison sentences. Ayer's photos are the first opportunity for fans of the comic books to get a flavour of the visual aesthetics that the director will be bringing to the picture.

Suicide Squad 2016The full 'Suicide Squad' cast

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David Ayer Releases First Photo Of The 'Suicide Squad' Team In Costume

David Ayer Jared Leto Will Smith Margot Robbie Joel Kinnaman Cara Delevingne Jai Courtney Adam Beach

While the Avengers are busy taking over cinemas across the globe, there's something else happening in the world of superheroes (and villains) - David Ayer has just revealed the first image of the cast of Suicide Squad in costume, reports Variety. And here it is:

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Child 44 Review


A meaty, fascinating story is splintered into three plot strands that battle for the viewer's attention, so while the film is never boring, it's also oddly uninvolving. Fortunately, it has an excellent cast and is shot with skill and a relentless intensity to feel like a big, epic-style dramatic thriller with heavy political overtones.

After a scene-setting prologue, the story starts in 1953 Moscow, where Leo (Tom Hardy) is a war hero now working in the military police, purging the city of its spies. Or at least its suspected spies. In the Soviet socialist utopia, crime officially doesn't exist, but Leo finds it difficult to tell his best pal Alexei (Fares Fares) that his 8-year-old son was killed in a train accident when he was so clearly tortured and murdered. Ordered by his boss (Vincent Cassel) to let it go, and menaced by his rival colleague Vasili (Joel Kinnaman), Leo continues investigating, resulting in a reprimand that sees Leo and his wife Raisa (Noomi Rapace) relocated to the the grim industrial city of Volsk. But when another young boy's body appears here, Leo gets his new boss (Gary Oldman) to see the connection.

There are at least three main plots in this film, and the filmmakers oddly never allow one to become the central strand. There's the mystery involving this brutal, unhinged serial killer (Paddy Considine) stalking boys along the railway. There's the thriller about Leo being brutally taunted by Vasili, who has a thing for Raisa and is trying to crush them for good. But the only emotionally engaging strand is Leo and Raisa's complex marriage relationship, which takes a couple of unexpected turns. Along the way, there are several action sequences shot with shaky cameras and edited so they're impossible to follow. And there's a sense that the film also wants to be a grandiose Russian epic with its expansive cinematography and big orchestral score.

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Run All Night Review


With a script by Brad Ingelsby (Out of the Furnace), this thriller has more substance than most, although it's also been compromised by the inclusion of a lot of contrived action mayhem. At its centre, there's a nice exploration of two retirement-age men looking at the world they have created, and how things have changed since they made key decisions as younger men. But director Jaume Collet-Serra (Non-Stop) seems uninterested in these serious themes, and would clearly rather stage another shoot-out or chase instead.

Liam Neeson stars as Jimmy, a lifelong criminal who's now a wheezy husk of his former thrusting self. But he maintains his childhood friendship with Shawn (Ed Harris), who turned his crime empire legit but is having problems keeping his son Danny (Boyd Holbrook) out of trouble. Now Danny has made a dodgy deal with some Albanians, and when that goes predictably wrong, it accidentally puts Jimmy's estranged good-guy son Mike (Joel Kinnaman), his wife (Genesis Rodriguez) and kids in danger. So Jimmy sets out to set things right, although this means that he ends up on opposite sides of the conflict from Shawn. And he and Mike also have to outrun his detective nemesis (Vincent D'Onofrio) and a ruthless assassin (Common).

There's a nice sense of respect and inevitability to the relationship between Jimmy and Shawn that goes a long way in making this overlong movie watchable. Neeson and Harris are terrific at playing men who are too old to be running around with guns. Their quietly tense conversations are by far the most riveting scenes in the film. By comparison, the action sequences feel rather routine: brutal and fast, with flashy editing, outrageous stunts and more firepower than is strictly necessary. And for a man who can barely stand when the film opens, Jimmy is suspiciously able to run, jump, drive and shoot like a trained professional a third his age.

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New York premiere of 'Run All Night'

Joel Kinnaman - New York premiere of 'Run All Night' at AMC Lincoln Square - Arrivals - New York City, New York, United States - Tuesday 10th March 2015

World premiere of 'Run All Night'

Joel Kinnaman, Liam Neeson, Ed Harris, Genesis Rodriguez and Common - Shots from the World premiere of 'Run All Night' as a variety of stars took to the red carpet at the AMC theater in Lincoln Square, New York City, New York, United States - Monday 9th March 2015

Joel Kinnaman, Liam Neeson, Ed Harris, Genesis Rodriguez and Common
Joel Kinnaman

Tom Hardy Debuts Yet Another Fine Accent In Ridley Scott Thriller 'Child 44' [Trailer]

Tom Hardy Ridley Scott Noomi Rapace Gary Oldman Joel Kinnaman Charles Dance Greg Shapiro Richard Price

Tom Hardy has a go at yet another accent in the Ridley Scott produced 'Child 44', an adaptation of Tom Rob Smith's award-winning 2008 novel about a series of brutal murders during the time of the Soviet Union.

Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy in 'Child 44'
Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy go head to head in 'Child 44'

Hardy plays a former Russian military officer named Leo Demidov in the thriller, who's offered the highest protection in the wake of his war heroism. But things take a dark turn when it becomes apparent that a set of ongoing child killings are being covered up by the authorities, and Demidov wants to do the right thing and find the perpetrator - to much anger from his Stalin obsessed superiors. 

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Child 44 Trailer

During the Second World War, many Russian men were able to make a name for themselves as heroes. Returning home to their victorious country, many discovered that the Communist utopia they had fought to defend may have been more fictitious than they originally thought. For Leo Demidov (Tom Hardy), this truth comes harshly. Having become a hero for his efforts in the war against Germany, Demidov is given the job as a secret policeman. But when he comes across the case of a potential serial killer that hunts children, his superiors refuse to acknowledge the crime, maintaining that they live in a perfect world. After being exiled from Moscow for refusing to drop the case, Demidov must search for the real truth behind the killings, despite knowing that the truth could be dangerous.

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Run All Night Trailer

Jimmy Conlon is a former hit man for the mob whose life of crime have left many mental scars. His best friend is the mob boss Shawn Maguire, but things get complicated for their relationship when Conlon's son Mike finds himself being hunted down by Maguire's own boy Danny. In a bid to defend his son, Jimmy arrives on the scene and shoots Danny dead. Jimmy knows the drill and after a meeting with Shawn realises he must do everything within his power to keep Mike from being killed by the rest of the gang, as he and his family are targeted once again. Jimmy is forced to kill old friends as he takes on the most dangerous task of his life, in taking care of the family he has led to death. Meanwhile, he's on the run from a police officer desperate to put him behind bars for his past crimes.

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The Final Season Of 'The Killing' - What's The Verdict?

Joel Kinnaman Mireille Enos

Maybe it shouldn't have ended so soon, but at least it got the ending it deserved. After being canceled twice by its network AMC, cult-detective thriller 'The Killing' has ended its run with its fourth and final season premiering exclusively on Netflix.

Joel Kinnaman RobocopJoel Kinnaman plays Stephen Holder in ‘The Killing’

'The Killing' may have dug its own grave early back in season one when it failed to wrap up the murder storyline in its finale. It arguably never recovered, and it was one of the reasons the show never reached expectations when it came to ratings. However, even though it took a second season to find out who killed Rosie Larsen, the show continued to improve on what it does best - even if the ratings said otherwise. Season three took the show to a different level, expanding on its story with an emphasis on character development. It was unpredictable in the best ways possible, and it ended with a cliffhanger that, for a while, was looking like it would never be resolved.

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Everything Is Doom And Gloom In First Trailer For "The Killing" Final Season

Joel Kinnaman Mireille Enos

Four seasons in, Netflix’s The Killing is getting the axe in 2015. Judging from the first trailer for the final season though, the show is going out with a bang, or in The Killing terms, the biggest mystery Detective Linden (Mireille Enos) and Detective Holder (Joel Kinnaman) have faced so far. Watch the trailer, complete with moody music and gray-ish filter.

Joel Kinnaman
Joel Kinnaman returns to The Killing, after an unsuccessful turn in the rebooted RoboCop.

The trailer picks up some time after the events of season three, with Linden and Holder doing some damage control after their rash actions. But there’s no time to dwell on the past, as the detectives are assigned a new case. All the members of a seemingly perfect family are murdered, except for the son, Kyle Stansbury (Tyler Ross), who was shot in the head during the massacre. This is the only synopsis offered by Netflix, via RTE.

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What To Expect From The Final Season Of 'The Killing'

Joel Kinnaman Mireille Enos

‘The Killing’ just can’t be killed. AMC’s cult crime drama thriller premiered on the network in 2011, but was quickly canceled following its second season. Ultimately, it was revived for a third, but then canceled for a second time in September 2013. Two months after its cancellation, Netflix had announced it would be picking ‘The Killing’ up for a fourth and final season consisting of six episodes, because Netflix always saves the day. Joel Kinnaman, who stars on the show as Stephen Holder, recently spoke with the Los Angeles Times on why the switch to Netflix was a good thing. “The viewership of the show wasn’t as big as AMC might have hoped, but what I think Netflix and everybody realized was that the people that watched it really appreciated it. It meant something to them,” he said.

Joel Kinnaman RobocopJoel Kinnaman says the final season of 'The Killing' was "liberating"

Because of the show’s dedicated following, online petitions surfaced to bring back the show for season four. One reached over 10,000 signatures. Now with the move to Netflix, how will it affect the show in general? For what it’s worth, the main roles are returning, as well as showrunner Veena Sud, so the main core isn’t going to change. What is going to change, however, may be the overall tone of the show. Now that it’s no longer on a network, ‘The Killing’ can basically do whatever it wants, and it’s planning on taking full advantage of that. "This season Holder gets to talk like Holder should have been talking," Kinnaman said regarding his character. "We can use whatever words you want to use. There's no rating. Sometimes you could feel a little held back by those limitations that were set up."

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Easy Money II - Trailer

JW has served three years of his prison sentence so far after being arrested for smuggling cocaine. Once a gifted business student at the Stockholm School of Economics, he is now struggling to move his life in the right direction - a feat that becomes harder when he is reunited with former partner-in-crime Mrado Slovovic. Having avoided trouble behind bars, he is being trusted to take unsupervised leave, however he has absolutely no intention of returning. Mrado phones him from the prison to inform him that there’s a stash of cash belonging to their mafia rival Radovan Kranjic, but JW is having doubts about involving himself in the criminal world when it becomes clear that many people will get hurt. Meanwhile, JW attempts to distract himself by resuming his life of parties, drugs and alcohol.

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Valentine's Day Cinema? See 'Robocop' And Avoid The PDA Space Invasion [Trailer]

Joel Kinnaman

Valentines Day 2014: will you be heading to catch one of the cleverly-marketed lovers' day releases this year? Well there's plenty of them to choose from: Endless Love, Winter's Tale, and About Last Night are the most obvious traps for loved-up couples with Spike Jonze's Her for those who think they're more sophisticated than all that.

There Are Other Movies At The Cinema, But Seeing 'Robocop' Would Make A Lot Of Sense.

But what's really romantic about being crammed into a hot cinema on one of the busiest days of the year, next to a coke-slurping, sobbing single on your right and a face-slurping couple on your left? Nothing, that's what, and that why Robocop will zoom to your aid tonight to ensure that another Valentine's Day outing into the popular mating ground known as the cinema isn't destroyed.

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'Robocop' Remake Fails To Distract Critics From 1987 Comparisons

Joel Kinnaman Gary Oldman Michael Keaton Abbie Cornish

Robocop has failed to impress critics following its release in the US yesterday (12th January). Reviews have primarily focussed on comparisons between the original 1987 version of the film.

Joel Kinnaman stars as Robocop.

In this version, it's 2028 and police officer Alex Murphy is injured serving the people of Detroit, robot technology company OmniCorp step in and transform him into, well, a half robot, half human cop. Unfortunately the film's title is not the only thing which hasn't improved since the 1987 original. 

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