Review of Joe Worricker EP by Joe Worricker

We've heard it before - The young boy from London singing tales of love and life, so we need something a little more dynamic from new entrants to the arena. Joe Worricker is said newcomer, and whilst he's quirky and happy, this in some sense lacks purpose.

Joe Worricker Joe Worricker EP

Aside from the odd key change in most tracks, the music doesn't diverse. Joe's vocal drone through 'Littleman' does little to draw me out of my musical coma. Whilst I accept this is a demo version, it needs more than a slight injection of life. 'We Hug In Bed' acts as a good start to a set of tracks, that is until it goes into some strange brass, slow section. There's no blend, no correlation between the two parts.

The highlight comes at the end when it becomes a little more alive, and you give it more of a chance. Turns out that it's simply a remix of another track, and yet again could be better with more of a hook..

However, this is just an EP, a taster of what's to come. Joe has a great voice, and has received many positive comments, mostly towards the sheer huskiness of it. Amidst rumours of full band sets, I'm hoping they come true and provide a boost of strength. What I would say is that he has real potential. All I would want to see is a bit of direction. There's a need to step out of the safe zone and break the mould!

Laura Johnstone

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