Joe Jonas' family is reportedly ''relieved'' he has split from Blanda Eggenschwiler.

The 24-year-old singer, who confirmed he had ended his 20-month relationship with the graphic designer and model on Tuesday (05.08.14), is said to have been ''unhappy'' for some time because she was ''incredibly jealous'' of his friendships with other women.

A source told gossip website ''She was always picking a fight with Joe and putting him down. Joe has been unhappy for a long time now, and she was one of the main reasons.

''Joe did not bring Blanda with him to Chicago to Lollapalooza this past weekend. He seemed to be happy and relaxed, which was a nice change.''

The 'Pom Poms' hitmaker started partying more after he started seeing the Swiss-born beauty, 30, in November 2012, and his family were allegedly concerned.

The insider said: ''Before meeting Blanda, Joe would go out and have fun, but not nearly as much as when they became a couple. She wanted to go out all the time, like every night.''

''His family did not like Blanda at all. Everyone was always telling Joe that she was using him and he would not listen.

''She was incredibly jealous of all of his friendships with women, and she hated how women would throw themselves all over him. It eventually got to the point where Joe could not take it anymore.''

Joe insisted that he has remained friends with Blanda after they ''mutually decided to part ways.''

But the source said: ''I definitely do not see that happening.''