Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson's reported lovechild was born the day after his son Michael turned 16, according to new reports.
The true parentage of Joh'Vonnie Jackson has been a closely guarded Jackson family secret for years - and almost cost Joe his marriage to Katherine.
But, following Michael's death in June (09), new information has surfaced linking Joe with his reportedly illegitimate daughter.
He's named as the father on her birth certificate and U.S. TV news show The Insider has unearthed pictures of his lookalike daughter - Michael and Janet's half-sister.
Michael Jackson biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli tells the news show, "This was a huge embarrassment to the family... She is the Jackson sibling that no one ever really wanted to recognise.
"Back in the 1970s, Joe Jackson had an affair... and the result was Joh'Vonnie Jackson. This was something that the Jackson family dealt with privately. Katherine Jackson was aware of it; it was very upsetting to her at the time."
Joh'Vonnie was born in Inglewood, California on 30 August, 1974.
Joe Jackson has never commented on the claims he fathered Joh'Vonnie, but in a magazine article last year (08), Janet Jackson stated, "For my father to have had another child... I can't even fathom what that's like for my mother."