Joe Jackson is convinced his son MICHAEL approached Elvis Presley's former doctor to prescribe him drugs prior to his death last June (09) - and wants the medic investigated by officials.
The Jackson family patriarch was granted permission by a Los Angeles judge on Friday (19Feb10) to trawl through his late son's medical records, after the King of Pop's personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray pleaded not guilty to a count of involuntary manslaughter.
Murray stands accused of administering the dose of powerful anaesthetic Propofol which killed the star.
But Joe Jackson has claimed Murray is not the only high-profile doctor who could be linked to Michael's death. He is sure his son also consulted the man who treated late music icon Presley - George Nichopoulos, also known as Dr. Nick.
And he wants cops to question Dr. Nick over his dealings with the King Of Pop.
He tells Britain's Daily Star Sunday, "All of these guys that gave Michael what they shouldn't have need to be looked at.
"We have heard that Michael even tried to get drugs from Elvis' doctor - some guy called Dr Nick. There's a whole bunch of other people that need to be questioned too.
"Michael was not well. We tried to help him but we couldn't get to him. People stopped us from getting to him. There were more people involved than Murray. Murray is just the fall guy.
"I will not stop until I get justice for my son. Justice means a murder charge for everyone involved. All I am after is just justice, that sort of a thing."