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Hollywood And Religion: Or, How Angus T. Jones Became A Laughing Stock

Angus T. Jones Mel Gibson Joe Eszterhas Tom Cruise John Travolta Angelina Jolie Bruce Willis John Malkovich

When Angus T. Jones recorded his interview with Christopher Hudson, the leader of the Forerunner Chronicles Christian group, he may well not have expected the reaction that he got. The star of the Two and a Half Men sitcom denounced the show as “filth” and urged viewers to stop watching it. Presumably not quite the marketing plan that the show’s executives had in mind (though as we know, these bouts of ‘technically bad’ publicity have a habit of working in your favour) but Angus was keen to share all that he had learned since turning to religion.

In the interview clip, Angus speaks to Hudson as though he is some form of demi-god and looks thrilled to even be in the same room as him, reaching out to touch him as though he can’t believe he’s real. As he very publicly looked a very generous gift horse in the mouth (He earns a reported $350,000 per episode. Yes, per episode), the world winced and cowered away, sniggering. Within hours of the video clip hitting the internet, it had gone viral and the 19 year-old had quickly become a laughing stock.

What exactly was Jones’ biggest crime though? Dissing his employers? Undermining the very thing that gave him the wealth and privilege that he’s able to enjoy? Or was it all the nutty, slightly alarming religious stuff that he was spouting for the majority of the interview? If he’d just said “Two and a Half Men is cr*p,” would we have cared quite as much? Would the story have run quite as far and quite as wide as it did? If there wasn’t that cringe-worthy explanation of why he went on the hunt for a church with a “black gospel theme,” would this all have mattered so much? If he hadn’t starting aligning light entertainment with the devil, because of his newfound religious beliefs? Of course not.

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Mel Gibson Shares Pension With Ex-wife

Mel Gibson Fortune Joe Eszterhas OKSANA GRIGORIEVA Robyn The Benefits The Maccabees Directors Guild Of America Screen Actors Guild

Mel Gibson's ex-wife Robyn received a huge chunk of his pension in their divorce.

While it was previously revealed that Mel gave Robyn half of his estimated $850 million Fortune when they divorced in 2011 after 31 years of marriage, court documents obtained by gossip website TMZ have revealed new details of her share.

Along with Mel's Screen Actors Guild pension benefits, Robyn also received a large amount of his Directors Guild Of America pension benefits and half of The Benefits he accumulated through their production company Icon during their union.

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Mel Gibson: Hollywood Won't Forgive Me

Mel Gibson Joe Eszterhas OKSANA GRIGORIEVA The Maccabees

Mel Gibson doesn't think Hollywood is ready to forgive him for a number of controversial incidents that have occurred in the last few years.

The 56-year-old actor was caught in an expletive and racist tirade against his child's mother, OKSANA GRIGORIEVA, in audio tapes released to the public.

He was again caught on tape laying into 'Maccabees' screenwriter Joe Eszterhas calling him a ''f**king ****'' among other things, and last month his step-mother filed for a restraining order against the actor citing he spat in her face.

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Mel Gibson Fires Back At Joe Eszterhas Over Rant Leak

Mel Gibson Joe Eszterhas

Mel Gibson has addressed his ongoing feud with screenwriter Joe Eszterhas on TV for the first time, revealing he's still upset his former friend recorded him losing his temper during a vacation at the Braveheart star's holiday home in Costa Rica.

Eszterhas embarrassed the actor/director earlier this month (Apr12) when he released audio of the foul-mouthed Aussie star ranting during a dinner he hosted for the screenwriter and his family.

He claimed his teenage son had become so afraid of Gibson he recorded his screaming fit on his iPhone.

The release of the audio came just a week after Eszterhas appeared on U.S. TV news shows reprimanding Gibson for his behaviour in front of his son. Prior to that, the screenwriter fired off a nine-page letter criticising Gibson, accusing him of being an anti-Semite for heated remarks he had made.

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Mel Gibson Rant The Latest Tape Heard Round The World

Joe Eszterhas

Mel Gibson's efforts to overcome the atrocious publicity he received after his anti-Semitic attacks on a police officer and his recorded rage against his former girlfriend suffered a new setback after writer Joe Eszterhas released a recording of Gibson exploding at his houseguests at a recent dinner at his home in Costa Rica. The recording, commented Britain's Guardian newspaper, "further adds to the impression of Gibson as an unhinged, out-of-control figure." The recording, reportedly made by Eszterhas's 15-year-old son on his iPhone and released to, lasts barely three minutes but would appear to be enough to end Gibson's career, given the obscenity-laced fury he exhibits in it. Eszterhas said he released the tape because "Mel publicly called me a liar. ... My son Nick, who made this recording, said to me 'We were terrified up there last night.' Nick took a butcher's knife and slept with it under his pillow. This recording shows him the way he really is. If he doesn't get help and receive it then someone is going to get hurt."

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Tape Reveals Mel Gibson Rant At Joe Eszterhas

Mel Gibson Joe Eszterhas OKSANA GRIGORIEVA Randall Wallace The Maccabees The Script

Mel Gibson terrified scriptwriter Joe Eszterhas with a foul-mouthed rant at his home in December.

Joe has released an audio file taken while at the troubled actor's home in December where he is heard shouting about his ex-wife OKSANA GRIGORIEVA and questioning why he had not yet received a first draft of The Script for now-stalled project 'The Maccabees'.

In a recording released to, where Mel is heard grunting and growling, he shouts: ''Why don't I have a first draft of 'The Maccabees'? What the f**k have you been doing? I'll type it!

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Eszterhas Takes Gibson Feud To Tv

Joe Eszterhas Mel Gibson

Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas cut all personal ties with "violent" actor Mel Gibson after his fearful son began sleeping with a knife under his pillow during a joint family trip.

Eszterhas sparked a war of words with the actor/director earlier this week (begs09Apr12) over claims Gibson made a series of anti-Semitic and unsavoury remarks during a vacation in Costa Rica - allegations the movie star was quick to deny - and, on Friday, (13Apr12) the Flashdance and Basic Instinct screenwriter broke his silence with an appearance on U.S. breakfast show Today - and confessed his bitter fight with the Braveheart star began after an inappropriate conversation between Gibson and his teenage son.

He said, "The most egregious episode that happened had to do with my 15-year-old son Nick, who was with us in Costa Rica as Mel's guest. And Mel shared with him a pornographic scenario, that I can only call sexual butchery, that he fantasised in terms of (ex-girlfriend) Oksana (Grigorieva).

"To put this kind of imagery into a 15 year old's head, I think is heinous. I think it's vile and I think it's unforgivable... I didn't have anything to do with Mel personally since that incident... And I never saw him, or spoke to him after that."

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Mel Gibson Hits Back At Joe Eszterhas' Anti-semitic Accusations

Mel Gibson Joe Eszterhas

Mel Gibson has written an open letter to screenwriter Joe Eszterhas to insist the only reason he scrapped their movie collaboration was because the script wasn't up to standard.

The Braveheart legend teamed up with the Basic Instinct writer to work on an epic drama about Judah MACcabee, a Jew who led a revolt against the Seleucid Empire.

Their working relationship turned nasty in February (12) after Eszterhas sent in the first draft of his script to Gibson, and was later told by Warner Bros. bosses that they would not be going ahead with the project - prompting him to lash out at the star in a letter.

In the correspondence, obtained by The, he wrote, "I've come to the conclusion that you never had, or have, any intention of making a film about the MACcabees. I believe you announced the project with great fanfare - 'a Jewish Braveheart' - in an attempt to deflect continuing charges of anti-Semitism which have dogged you, charges which have crippled your career... I've come to the conclusion that the reason you won't make The MACcabees is the ugliest possible one. You hate Jews."

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Redding Biopic Not Sexy Enough For Gooding Jr

Cuba Gooding Junior Otis Redding Basic Instinct Joe Eszterhas

Cuba Gooding JR turned down the chance to play soul legend Otis Redding in a biopic, because the script wasn't raunchy enough.
Basic Instinct and SHOWGIRLS writer Joe Eszterhas created a screenplay for the project, but Gooding Jr was shocked to find it bore none of the Hungarian writer's trademark sex scenes.
Eszterhas tells the New York Daily News, "I had lunch with Cuba Gooding Jr and Cuba went on about how he loved Otis and his dad was a musician and he loved the script, but he said, 'Man, you're Joe Eszterhas. Where's the sex?'
"He finally decided not to do the movie. And I don't know, maybe I should have written some sex in there."

Jade Review

A few short weeks ago I posed the question, "What is Joe Eszterhas going to do next (after Showgirls)?" Well, this is it, and it ain't Disneyland: Jade, a horrid little thriller about a whole bunch of obsessive-compulsive crazies, some of whom may be murderers.

Actually, I wish it was that simple. Perennial bad-girl Linda Fiorentino plays Trina Gavin, a sultry psychologist with a questionable past. Chazz Palminteri is her sicko attorney husband Matt, and David Caruso plays assistant D.A. David Corelli, who is assigned to look into the murder of a wealthy art collector to whom everyone seems to be linked...especially Trina.

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