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Joe Carnahan Tapped For Bad Boys 3 - Report

Will Smith Joe Carnahan

Safe House screenwriter David Guggenheim had previously submitted a draft of the potential Bad Boys 3 film, but now Sony Pictures bosses are turning to The Grey's Carnahan to rework the script, with a view to directing, too, according to

The developments emerge three years after Smith voiced his hopes of reuniting with Bad Boys co-star Martin Lawrence for a new adventure as Miami, Florida police detectives - but only if they had a good script.

He said, "I talked to Martin about that a couple of weeks ago. Martin is into it. (We've) got a couple of screenplays; the story's gotta (sic) be right."

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Paramount Bosses Adapting Narc And The Truman Show Into Tv Series

Joe Carnahan

Filmmaker Joe Carnahan is adapting his 2002 crime drama Narc into a new Tv series.

Studio executives at Paramount Pictures have tapped Carnahan to write and direct a pilot for a small screen show based on the movie, which starred Ray Liotta and Jason Patric as police detectives trying to solve the murder of an undercover narcotics officer.

The project is one of a number of Tv adaptations Paramount bosses are working on - they are considering turning Jim Carrey's hit 1998 comedy The Truman Show into a series too, while they have also joined the Tv version of the Terminator action franchise, which is already in development.

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Jessica Alba To Star In Stretch

Jessica Alba Joe Carnahan Patrick Wilson Chris Pine Ed Helms Brooklyn Decker Jason Blum

Jessica Alba is to co-star in Joe Carnahan's 'Stretch'.

The 'Spy Kids 4' actress will star alongside Patrick Wilson and 'Star Trek Into Darkness' hunk Chris Pine in the new action comedy about a limo driver, according to Deadline.

The film - which will also star 'The Hangover Part III' actor Ed Helms and Brooklyn Decker - follows Wilson as a chauffeur whose billionaire client (Pine) makes a series of strange requests on his final night on the job, leading to dramatic consequences.

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Nemesis Film Picks Up Pace

Joe Carnahan Liam Neeson Matthew Vaughn

Joe Carnahan has begun work on 'Nemesis'.

The director has revealed he is in the process of adapting Mark Millar's comic book series with the help of his brother Matthew and is busy penning a ''beast'' of a script.

He tweeted: ''My brother and I have begun 'Nemesis'... This script is gonna be a beast'', later adding: ''With 'Nemesis' Matt & I are gunning for TDK [The Dark Knight] trilogy with the thought that, if you're going after the world record holder, what's the point?''

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Joe Carnahan: 'Hollywood Needs More Masculine Men Like Neeson'

Joe Carnahan Liam Neeson

The Grey director Joe Carnahan has attributed Liam Neeson's recent career revival to the lack of real "masculine forms" in big Hollywood blockbusters.

The filmmaker insists Neeson was convincing as an oil driller stranded in Alaska because he's so rugged - unlike the clean-cut young stars who are often cast as action heroes.

Carnahan tells Collider, "I don't think it's crazy when you have a town now that has put so much premium on boys instead of men. And has put so many shirtless 17-year-olds in front of the camera and tried to pass off as a masculine form.

"I have nothing against the younger generations, but I feel when I look in their eyes, I don't see s**t, man. I don't see a life lived, I don't see experience, I don't see dirt under the nails, I don't see loss, tragedy, you name it.

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Liam Neeson Suffered Brain Freeze And Frostbite Filming The Grey

Liam Neeson Joe Carnahan Christian Bale

The weather conditions on the set of The Grey were so severe that Liam Neeson struggled to remember his lines and was continually fighting the onset of frostbite. According to The New York Post the actor has said that the harsh Canadian weather added a sense of desperation to his performance, which has been highly praised by reviewers: "In one scene, I remember someone saying, 'If we do another take, we run the risk of Liam getting the onset of frostbite.' There was such a desperation [in the performance] because there's a desperation in that moment, because he wanted to keep warm."

The Grey is based on a short story ('Ghost Walker') by Ian MACkenzie Jeffers, about a group of men who have to fight for survival in Alaska after their plane crashes and they are targeted by a pack of wolves. Neeson told reporters that the 'brain freeze' the actors suffered caused frustration for Joe Carnahan - the film's director - because he thought the actors simply hadn't learned their lines properly: "The function between the brain and the mouth to speak the words just wasn't working. We were all fumbling over lines.It was just hard to get that thought to make it work."

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The Grey Review

The story (by cowriter Jeffers) this film is based on was clearly inspired by Jack London's famously bleak short story To Build a Fire, pitting a man against the elements in the harsh, snowy Arctic wilderness. It's a very well-made film, but not very easy to engage with.

Ottway (Neeson) works as a wolf-sniper for a petrol company in the far reaches of Alaska, but is struggling with thoughts of suicide because he misses his wife (Openshaw) so much. Then on a flight to Anchorage, the plane is hit by a severe storm and goes down in the middle of nowhere. There are a handful of survivors, and Ottway soon becomes the leader when they are menaced by howling, growling wolves. Knowing they'd be safer in the treeline, he leads five other men from one peril to another.

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The Grey Trailer

Ottway is an oil driller. One day, his team is dispatched to Alaska for a few days. He says goodbye to his partner and makes his way to the airport. Just before they are due to land, though, the plane crashes and the oil drilling team end up stranded in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a snow storm.

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The UK Premiere Of The A-Team

Joe Carnahan and A-Team Tuesday 27th July 2010 The UK premiere of The A-Team London, England

Joe Carnahan and A-team
Joe Carnahan and A-team

Outside The BBC Radio One Studios

Joe Carnahan Wednesday 28th July 2010 outside the BBC Radio One studios London, England

Joe Carnahan
Joe Carnahan

The UK Premiere Of The A-Team

Joe Carnahan Tuesday 27th July 2010 The UK premiere of The A-Team London, England

Joe Carnahan

Smokin' Aces Review

A double-decker, monster-man sandwich of a movie with all the condiments dripping off and the tomatoes soaking through the bread, Joe Carnahan's Smokin' Aces grabs you by your lipstick-smudged collar and chucks you headfirst into a car-crash dizziness of crime, punishment, and bureau hobgob.As with most directors, Carnahan is eager to put the giddiness of his debut, Blood, Guts, Bullets & Octane, on top of the professionalism of 2002's brooding Narc, only too happy to throw in a who's-who of dynamite character actors to add flavor. Flipping scene-to-scene with a racecar driver's patience, Smokin' Aces quickly engages the viewer but just as quickly stuffs the plot with enough peripheral storylines to garner an Advil intermission. Carnahan, however, seems only the merrier to turn the mayhem up to eleven.Here's the scoop: Buddy "Aces" Israel (Jeremy Piven) has turned states evidence and has been marked to be deposited in an unmarked grave, heart removed and in the hand of the invalid Don of the Las Vegas mafia. Quicker than you can say Vincent Vega, a plethora of gun-totting, knife-brandishing assassins are descending on the Lake Tahoe hotel where Israel has commandeered the penthouse suite and filled it with enough blow and prostitutes to garner a Motley Crue reunion gig. There's a sexually-ambivalent pair of Jackie Brown's (scene-stealers Alicia Keys and Taraji P. Henson), a trio of Nazi-punk, south-bred Mad Max's (led by dirtied-up pretty-boy Chris Pine), a relentless torture artist (Nestor Carbonell), and a superbly vicious Ethan Hunt-type mask-wearer named Lazlo Soot (Tommy Flanagan). Oh, and not to mention a bail bondsman and two ex-cops (Ben Affleck, Peter Berg, and Martin Henderson) hired by a Herpes-positive lawyer (Justin Bateman).Israel's right-hand man Sir Ivy (hip-hop ingénue Common in a solid acting debut) has suspicions on Buddy's loyalty as the bureau chief (Andy Garcia, his cheeks tight enough to brandish a diamond ring from a lump of coal) deliberates on whether Buddy is essential to the FBI's case or not. To fast-track the proceedings, two FBI agents are sent to pick Israel up, played with welcome integrity by Ray Liotta and Ryan Reynolds. This is all confounded by a paint-by-numbers mystery about the Las Vegas Don's origins and his hand in an FBI agent's death.Not for nothing, Carnahan's big mess has a stunningly concise tone to it, not trashy enough to be campy and not serious enough to be harshly considered. There's no denying, however, that Smokin' Aces is a backpedal from the grimy cop paranoia of its predecessor. Ultimately, many of the characters are superfluous to the kinetic frenzy of the film and come off as cameos (Bateman, Affleck, and a surprise Matthew Fox head the list). This also lends itself to a problem of absurdly curt storylines that seem to mass into a rubber-band ball of narratives. That being said, it's still a kick to watch Carnahan go all in, pulling out some primo action scenes including a climactic shoot-out that ends with an assassin taking a chainsaw up the keister. The effect sprays about as much bodily fluid to the ironically-named Nomad hotel as one could imagine from a Tarantino disciple with time and money on his hands.Aces high.

Smokin' Aces - Clip Trailer

Buddy "Aces" Israel (Jeremy Piven) is a Vegas card sharp come gangster and former member of the La Cosa Nostra (LCN), one of the largest criminal organizations in the United States. In exchange for a vanishing act with Witness Protection, Israel (who is currently hiding out in the penthouse of The Nomad Casino in Lake Tahoe with his posse of bodyguards and hookers), has agreed to testify against his former mentor, Primo Sparazza, and the LCN.

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