What a bad time this must have been for rapper Joe Budden, after Consequence revealed that he’d given the 32 year-old hip hop artist an almighty smack.

Joe Budden

Joe Budden and Consequence have been having some beef of late

The pair have had some medium rare beef sizzling away ever since Budden confronted Consequence on Hot97 over comments that The Cons had made in a previous interview about Budden. It appears that his adversary has decided to step things up a bit and get physical, though in a hip-hop world where many rappers talk about guns and violence, giving Budden a smack seems to be pretty tame compared to what many of his contemporaries proclaim to get up to. “Just Smacked The SH*T outta @JoeBudden at the #LHHReunion Everybody have a Nice Day.... #QueensAllDay” tweeted Consequence.

Budden also tweeted about the event, though perhaps unsurprisingly he didn’t see it in quite the same way. “During break Tahiry & I were headed outside to smoke... Dude came behind, jumped & hit me as I’m walking away, Tahiry snuffs him, he runs…” he wrote, adding “It was the most pussy display ever seen from a n*gga to be quite honest… and it’s all on tape, so y’all can see the pussy sh*t 4 yourself.” Budden and Cons exchanged a few more back and forths over Twitter as onlookers gradually got more and more bored, with Budden finally tweeting “Dude was so quick to tweet about that sucka punch...... not so much now.”