He might’ve been Shameless on television, but there was plenty of remorse for actor Jody Latham as he was found guilty of running a $22,000 cannabis farm. The news means that Latham could face up to a year in jail, whilst his girlfriend Sarah Melia could also be in trouble after admitting that she allowed the plant to be grown on the premises that they both lived in.

The 30 year-old Latham, who has also appeared in Eastenders as well as Shameless, was set for trial after being arrested for growing 24 plants of the illegal drug in his home of Bacup, Lancashire in May of last year. However, he entered a last minute plea of guilty and as such is due to face trial next month on December 17. Latham is denying that the number of plants is that high, saying that there were only 16 there, but it might not matter should the judge decide to jail him anyway next month. Both he and Melia have been bailed until the trial.

Latham won’t even be able to use his Z-list fame to get him off the hook. According to the Daily Mail, his lawyer asked judge Beverly Lunt if she knew who his client was, receiving the reply “I know nothing about him. Am I supposed to know something about him? I have never heard of Shameless. I have heard of EastEnders.” Better start packing your things, Jody.