Veteran Jodeci star JoJo is seeking professional treatment to help him kick his long-running addiction to alcohol after suffering health troubles with his pancreas.

The R&B singer, real name Joel Hailey, has struggled with booze for years and admits he's lucky to be alive - because his heavy drinking has caused some serious health issues.

In a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine, he explained, "The only thing that's going on with me now - and I thank God I'm still here able to talk to you again - is my pancreas. I drank so much until a small part of my pancreas had ate away (sic). That's no pain you want to feel. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy."

During the candid chat, Hailey revealed he was finally taking action to help him in his battle with the bottle - because he has put his wife of five years, Tashaunda, through too much in the nine years they have been together.

Hailey said, "She's by my side the whole time giving me that drive to just stop: 'You could just stop! Or go get help.' Like, two days from now, I'm still going to get help because I need it. It's a mind-over-matter situation. So now I'm in the right position in my life... In a few days I'm going to seek the help that I need for my health. Because I have to do it."

It won't be Hailey's first attempt at rehab - his wife previously staged an intervention and checked him into a treatment facility after telling the singer they were going to the local grocery store.

The singer has another reason to get sober - he's working on new music with his K-Ci & JoJo bandmate and brother Cedric 'K-Ci' Hailey, and they are planning a Jodeci comeback.

He says, "We're going in the studio, actually. Then, right after that, I'm going in for my treatment, and that's going to be 30 days. So we're starting our album. We got back with our songwriters that we used to use back in the day with Jodeci."