Joaquin Phoenix has been in talks to star in several new films, despite announcing he was quitting acting two years ago, reports the Press Association. The star of 'Walk The Line' signalled his intention to cease appearing in films and instead become a musician, and more specifically, a rap artist. 'I'm Still Here', the new documentary by Casey Affleck, documents Phoenix's recent emotional decline which has included a dramatic image change and a spate of bizarre behaviour.
The 35-year-old actor, and brother of the late River Phoenix, was reportedly ready to star in 'The Raven', a film about writer Edgar Allan Poe, but talks fell through and John Cusack got the role. Phoenix was also in negotiations to appear as a drug dealer in upcoming comedy 'The Sitter', as well as playing novelist Thomas Wolfe in the drama 'Genius', however, reports suggest he looks set to play a foot fetishist in the new indie flick 'The Big Shoe'.
'I'm Still Here' debuted at the Venice Film Festival to relatively favourable reviews, and one of the movie's most talked about scenes features Phoenix trying to persuade an uninterested Sean Combs aka P DIDDY to produce his new rap album.