After playing a debauched character in Absolutely Fabulous, Joanna Lumley is keen to ensure young girls don't put themselves at risk by emulating some of her on-screen behaviour.

"I promise you it is better to look after yourself properly, which means behave properly, be polite, be on time, dress properly - I don't mean dully - but don't be sick in the gutter at midnight in a silly dress with no money to get a taxi home, because somebody will take advantage of you, either they'll rape you, or they'll knock you on the head or they'll rob you," she explained to The Daily Mail

"Don't look like trash, don't get drunk, don't be sick down your front, don't break your heels and stagger about in the wrong clothes at midnight. This is bad."

She was also quick to point out that it's not a class thing; she's not a snob, she simply wants to warn women about the dangers of being irresponsible late at night. And she's right, it's like a jungle out there. "It's not me being a snob about it," she asserted. "It's not me being an old woman talking to young women, it's just standard practice for how our species should behave. Don't behave badly."

Here here!