American comedienne Joan Rivers has attacked late comedy legend Peter Cook, describing him as unfunny and obsessed with money.

The pair briefly shared the small screen together in British TV series JOAN RIVERS: CAN WE TALK?, but Rivers has far from fond memories of her time with the star.

She says, "I didn't like Peter Cook - he wasn't nice, generous or giving. I was a very good friend of Dudley Moore's and I was always surprised how Dudley disliked him, but after I met Peter I began to think Dudley had a point. Peter was my sidekick on a show, but he was just there for the money. He made it very obvious he thought he should be in the driving seat. Peter was very funny when he worked with Dudley, but he never made one joke for me.

"The son of a b*tch took his cheque and went home."

07/10/2004 17:34