Shoppers at a Burbank outlet of Costco certainly got a surprise on Tuesday (August 7, 2012), when comedienne Joan Rivers handcuffed herself to one of the store's carts in protest of Costco's refusal to carry her new book 'I Hate Everything, Starting With Me' because of its racy content, reports E! Online.
Rivers stormed the store and accompanied by a team of assistants, gave out signed copies of her new book to customers. She also brought a megaphone along for good measure, yelling, "Costco should not be like Nazi Germany! Next thing they'll be burning the bible". She later said, "This is a store that sells 300 rolls of toilet paper at the same time, and I say any customer that buys 300 rolls of toilet paper deserves a funny book to sit on the toilet and read". Local police were eventually called to the store and escorted Rivers away, though no arrests or citations were made. The comedienne later told an NBC News affiliate, "It is truly about the First Amendment.This is America, and I don't want to see censorship". Rivers' new book is described as an "uncensored and totally uninhibited" look at some of her pet hates, including hypocrites, Hollywood, feminists and historical figures.
'I Hate Everyone, Starting with Myself' is Rivers' eleventh book in total. The brash New Yorker remains one of the most popular comediennes and television personalities in the U.S.