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Joan Jett Suing Lingerie Firm For Trademark Infringement

14th June 2013

Rocker Joan Jett has launched legal action against the owners of a popular lingerie brand amid allegations of trademark infringement.The singer claims Hot Topic bosses have ripped off her Blackheart Records name rights by calling...

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Joan Jett To Be Honoured At Sunset Strip Music Festival

3rd June 2013

Joan Jett has been named the 2013 honouree at the annual Sunset Strip Music Festival in West Hollywood.The rocker will get her own official 'day' to launch the event on 1 August (13), and she...

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Joan Jett Sent Letter Of Support To Transgender Rocker Laura Jane Grace

25th April 2013

Rocker Joan Jett reached out to Laura Jane Grace after the Against Me! singer came out as transgender in a bid to show her support as she transitioned through a difficult time.The musician formerly known...

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Faith Hill Giving Up Football Track

16th April 2013

Faith Hill is retiring her rendition of Joan Jett's track I Hate Myself For Loving You from the opening of U.S. primetime sports programme Sunday Night Football.The country star has kicked off the weekly show...

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Tish And Miley Cyrus Rally Over Twitter To Save The Horses

By Victoria Pavlova | 22nd March 2013

There’s never a shortage of causes for celebs to rally behind and Miley Cyrus’s latest pet project probably won’t come as a surprise.Yesterday, after a flurry of tweets in her horse onesie, the Can’t Be...

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The Darkness Axe Australian Tour

12th March 2013

British rockers The Darkness have cancelled a planned tour of Australia and New Zealand with Joan Jett And The Blackhearts due to their drummer's ongoing hip problems.Ed Graham has previously undergone surgery for the joint...

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Joan Jett Honoured For Animal Charity Work

5th November 2012

Legendary rocker Joan Jett has been honoured for her tireless work for animal rights by fellow singer/activist Iggy Pop.The Joan Jett & the Blackhearts frontwoman was presented with the Nanci Alexander Activist Award, named after...

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Joan Jett Unveils Peta Advert

5th November 2012

Joan Jett unveiled her first campaign for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) on Sunday night (04.11.12).The 'I Love Rock 'n' Roll' singer attended the unveiling of the advert in Florida and she...

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Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: Public Enemy Head Eclectic List Of Nominees

By Hayley Avron | 4th October 2012

Public Enemy may not be the first band that you think of when you think of the phrase ‘rock n roll’ but the ground-breaking hip-hop group have been nominated as one of 2013’s potential inductees...

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Deep Purple, N.w.a And Procol Harum Nominated For Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2013

4th October 2012

Deep Purple, N.W.A and Procol Harum are nominated for induction to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame.The acts - along with 12 others - have been shortlisted for inclusion in the Hall of Fame,...

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Joan Jett Shielded Kristen Stewart From Snappers On Runaways Set

24th June 2012

Joan Jett shielded Twilight beauty Kristen Stewart from photographers on the set of her biopic The Runaways because she knew the young star was overwhelmed by her sudden rise to fame.The 22 year old signed...

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Fascinating Fact 13551

11th June 2012

Rocker Joan Jett hit the stage with punk group Against Me! in New York on Saturday night (09Jun12) to perform a cover of the Replacements' Androgynous with the band's transgender singer Laura Jane Grace, who...

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Tom Cruise Rock Of Ages' Singing: What Did You Think?

4th April 2012

Tom Cruise stars in a new trailer for the much-anticipated Rock of Ages movie, giving it some serious rock action and belting out a version of Bon Jovi's 'Wanted Dead or Alive.' The rock comedy...

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Joan Jett Takes Aim At Noel Gallagher Over Cow Cruelty Comments

21st March 2012

Animal-loving Joan Jett has challenged Noel Gallagher to a fight after the former Oasis star boasted about his love of "throwing stuff" at cows in a recent interview.The Brit recently joked about taking his sons...

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Jett & Van Zandt Help Ramone's Brother Record Final Tracks

23rd February 2012

Joan Jett and Steven Van Zandt have stepped in to help Joey Ramone's brother complete an album of tracks the late punk icon was working on when he died in 2001.The Ramones star's sibling Mickey...

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Lita Ford And Joan Jett Reunite In New York

30th November 2011

Rocker Lita Ford was wary of initiating a meeting with Joan Jett - as she feared her ex-The Runaways bandmate would snub her.The pair has not spoken for years, but Ford recently reached out to...

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Paul Mccartney Immortalised On Peta Stamp

28th November 2011

Sir Paul McCartney, Natalie Portman and Ellen DeGeneres are among stars to feature on a new stamp range featuring the 20 most famous vegetarians of all-time.The trio of famous faces have agreed to lend their...

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Guns N' Roses Score Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nomination

27th September 2011

Guns N' Roses, The Cure and Red Hot Chili Peppers are nominated for entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.The acts are all on the shortlist to be inducted to the...

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Runaways Stars Sue Over Tribute Album

10th June 2011

Rockers Joan Jett and Cherie Currie are fighting to halt the release of a tribute album to their old band The Runaways.The Cherry Bomb hitmakers filed suit in New York on Thursday (09Jun11) against bosses...

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Joan Jett Joins Fight Against Seal Trade

7th June 2011

Rocker Joan Jett has waded into the debate over Canada's controversial seal cull, urging European Union (E.U.) officials to uphold a ban on imported pelts.Thousands of seals are clubbed to death annually in Canada as...

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Joan Jett Encourages Students In High School Visit

25th May 2011

Joan Jett inspired students in Washington on Monday (23May11) by visiting a local high school to encourage them to work hard for good grades.The rocker visited Scriber Lake High School in Edmonds, where she spoke...

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Jett And Pickler Perform In Iraq

14th January 2011

Rock veteran JOAN JETT and country star KELLIE PICKLER performed a concert in Iraq on Wednesday night (12Jan11) to entertain U.S. troops stationed in the war-torn country.The singers flew to the Middle East this week...

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Kristen Stewart Has Cinema Bond

11th September 2010

Kristen Stewart loves old movies.The 20-year-old actress bonded with musician Joan Jett - who she portrays in new rock biopic 'The Runaways' - over their similar cinema tastes.Explaining how they became friends, Kristen said: "I...

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Dakota Fanning's Movie Life Lessons

10th September 2010

Dakota Fanning took on her latest movie role so she could experience normal life.The 16-year-old actress - who shot to fame aged just seven appearing in 'I Am Sam' - loved playing rocker Cherie Currie...

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Kristen Stewart Has Nervous Smell

9th September 2010

Kristen Stewart starts to "smell bad" when she gets nervous. The 'Twilight' star admits she clams up when she is being interviewed and starts to sweat profusely because of the pressure. Kristen, 20, explained to...

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Kristen Stewart's Dakota Restrictions

8th September 2010

Kristen Stewart "wasn't allowed to grope" Dakota Fanning on the set of 'The Runaways'.The actress told how there were strict rules in place when she performed her on-screen kiss with the teenage star, but their...

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Dakota Fanning: 'I'm No Rock Star'

6th September 2010

Dakota Fanning has little in common with her 'Runaways' character Cherie Currie.The teen actress - who performs alongside Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett in the movie - admits she does not have any desire to...

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Dakota Fanning's Comfortable Kristen Kiss

30th August 2010

Dakota Fanning found kissing Kristen Stewart "comfortable".The 16-year-old actress locks lips with the 'Twilight Saga' star in their new movie 'The Runaways' - in which they play rockers Cherie Currie and Joan Jett respectively -...

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Natalie Imbruglia Ready For Love

30th August 2010

Natalie Imbruglia wants to settle down again.The Australian singer – who has been romantically linked with actors David Schwimmer and Josh Hartnett, as well as Britain’s Prince Harry since splitting from husband Daniel Johns two...

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Sorum To Runaway With Currie And Jett

6th August 2010

Former GUNS N' ROSES drummer MATT SORUM is teaming up with THE RUNAWAYS star CHERIE CURRIE next week (beg09Aug10) to open for her former bandmate JOAN JETT.The Velvet Revolver rocker will join Currie for a...

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