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Susan Sarandon And Jessica Lange To Feud On New Drama

Susan Sarandon Jessica Lange Bette Davis Joan Crawford

Feud will document famous fights between well-known personalities, and the first season of the series will detail the fall out between the two Hollywood icons on the set of their 1962 thriller What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Sarandon will play Davis, opposite Lange as Crawford, reports

Other castmembers include Stanley Tucci as famed studio boss Jack Warner and Alfred Molina, who will portray director Robert Aldrich.

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Uma Thurman Buys Apartment

Uma Thurman Ethan Hawke ARPAD BUSSON Diane Keaton Joan Crawford

Uma Thurman has splashed out $10 million on a new apartment.

The 'Kill Bill' actress - who has children Maya, 14, and Levon, 10, with ex-husband Ethan Hawke, and Rosalind, 15 months, with partner ARPAD BUSSON - has been unveiled as the mystery buyer of a 13-room home in an exclusive New York complex that was previously owned by best-selling novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford and her filmmaker husband Robert.

Uma was told on Monday (14.10.13) she had passed rigorous home co-operative board approvals and given the go-ahead to continue with the sale.

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Hollywood Costume - Press View Held At The Victoria And Albert Museum.

L, Vertigo, R, Kim Novak, Madeleine Elster, Mildred Pierce and Joan Crawford - L) Vertigo - Kim Novak as Madeleine Elster; (R) Mildred Pierce - Joan Crawford as Mildred Pierce Wednesday 17th October 2012 Hollywood Costume - press view held at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

L, Vertigo, R, Kim Novak, Madeleine Elster, Mildred Pierce and Joan Crawford

Fascinating Fact

Joan Crawford

An Academy Award won by legendary actress Joan Crawford for her iconic performance in Mildred Pierce sold for more than $426,732 (£266,700) at auction in Los Angeles on Tuesday (25Sep12).

Joan Crawford Arrives For The Screening Of 'De Rouille Et D'Os' (Rust And Bone) Presented In Competition At The 65th Cannes Film Festival

Joan Crawford and Cannes Film Festival Thursday 17th May 2012 Joan Crawford arrives for the screening of 'De Rouille et D'Os' (Rust and Bone) presented in competition at the 65th Cannes film festival

Joan Crawford and Cannes Film Festival
Joan Crawford and Cannes Film Festival

Stones Had To Ditch Hollywood Icons Album Cover Over Copyright Rules

Mick Jagger Doris Day Joan Crawford Some Girls ABC

Mick Jagger is still sore about the fact he and his bandmates had to ditch cover art featuring movie stars like Doris Day and Joan Crawford on their album Some Girls.

The 1978 album art features images of Jagger and his bandmates dressed up as women, but he reveals they had other plans and he was "disappointed" when the group's lawyers couldn't secure the rights to use images of screen sirens.

In an interview filmed for the newly-released concert film The Rolling Stones: Some Girls Live in Texas '78, he says, "On the original version we had kind of old-fashioned pictures of Hollywood film stars - I think Doris Day and Joan Crawford - and then we got into some copyright problems with that... They (lawyers) didn't get the right permissions from the artists.

"We had to change the cover and it was a big hassle. The cover was a really good cover and we loved it... It was quite disappointing for Charlie (Watts) and myself."

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Ricky Gervais Buys 2.5m New York Apartment

Ricky Gervais Joan Crawford Liza Minnelli

Ricky Gervais has bought an apartment in New York for $2.5 million.

The comic star and his long-term partner Jane Fallon have purchased a home on the 12th floor of the Barbizon 63 building which is located on the Upper East Side of the city.

The 1,794-square-foot corner apartment comes complete with two bedrooms, two full-size bathrooms and boasts "stunning open city views throughout".

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Kate Winslet Wins Over Critics As Mildred Pierce

Kate Winslet HBO Joan Crawford Evan Rachel Wood

Kate Winslet has wowed critics in her HBO series debut.

Kate Winslet, the British actress usually known for her big screen parts, has taken up the title role in the new Hbo mini-series 'Mildred Pierce,' which will premiere on April 3.

As reported by Hollywood Today, critics attended a Hbo screening in Los Angeles yesterday, with a Q and A session with the show's producers and the actors. Based on the 1941 James M. Cain film starring Joan Crawford, Winslet plays Pierce, a mother raising her two daughters against the backdrop of 1930s Depression. Her performance has been almost universally praised, with the New York Times calling her 'an amazing actress, capable of showing every nuance of feeling.'

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Halle Berry's Beauty Shines Through On Film

Halle Berry Ali MacGraw Angelina Jolie Anne Hathaway Audrey Hepburn Ava Gardner Beyonce Knowles Blake Lively Bond Brigitte Bardot Brooke Shields Catherine Deneuve Catherine Zeta Jones Charlize Theron Claudia Cardinale Die Another Day Elizabeth Taylor Eva Green Farrah Fawcett Faye Dunaway Freida Pinto Gene Tierney Gossip Girl Grace Kelly Greta Garbo Hedy Lamarr Isabelle Adjani Javier Bardem Jean Seberg Jennifer Connelly Jennifer Lopez Joan Crawford Julia Roberts Julie Christie Kim Basinger Kim Novak Lana Turner Marilyn Monroe Michelle Pfeiffer Millionaire Monica Bellucci Natalie Portman Natalie Wood Nicole Kidman Penelope Cruz Rachel Weisz Rita Hayworth Salma Hayek Sharon Stone Sophia Loren Vivien Leigh

Halle Berry has been named as one of the 50 Most Beautiful Women In Film.

Compiled by the Los Angeles Times Magazine, the Oscar-winning actress landed the number five spot thanks to her role as a Bond girl in 'Die Another Day', closely followed by new mother Penelope Cruz - who gave birth to her first child with Javier Bardem last month - in 11th place.

With the likes of Jennifer Connelly, Kim Basinger and Anne Hathaway all making the top 20, the trio were joined by Hollywood legends Farrah Fawcett, Ava Gardner and Faye Dunaway, while Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe were voted in at number 22 and 32 respectively.

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Grand Hotel Review

"People come and people go, and nothing ever happens at the Grand Hotel." Thus observes Dr. Otternschlag (Lewis Stone) of the Berlin hotel that serves as the setting for the Oscar-winning 1932 film. The film, like the hotel, is packed with opulence, and the cast was, at the time, the highest concentration of starpower the screen had ever seen: Greta Garbo as the dancer Grusinskaya whose cold surface is softened by a budding romance with Baron Geigern (John Barrymore); Lionel Barrymore as Otto Kringelein, a critically ill man on an end-of-his-life spree and a former employee of the company owned by the industrialist Preysing (Wallace Beery), whom he dislikes; Joan Crawford as the staff typist who takes up with the sick man; and a supporting cast -- Jean Hersholt, Robert McWade, Ferdinand Gottschalk -- whose fame has dimmed today, but who represented the cream of the crop in a Depression-stricken America.

In 1932, however, the sum was even greater than its parts, and Grand Hotel was such an event that the New York Times review had as much to do with the chaos of the opening-night crowd as with the film itself. Based on the hit Vicki Baum novel, the film introduced the so-called portmanteau genre (Dinner at Eight was the most famed of the follow-ups) in which the lives and stories of a group of diverse people are brought together by circumstances and emerge changed. It also featured Garbo's most repeated line ("I want to be alone"), and its lavish production makes it a touchstone in MGM and Hollywood history.

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What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? Review

Watching What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? fills one with a sense of nostalgia for a time they may never have known but can always relive. In 1962, Baby Jane's year of birth, the cinema was a wonderful place to be. Films mattered, genres were being stretched, and classics were produced. To Kill a Mockingbird, Lolita, The Manchurian Candidate, Lawrence of Arabia, and Baby Jane - it was quite a year. It was also the time when the late Bette Davis, Hollywood's own Elizabethan matriarch, was performing. A vehicle for Davis and archrival Joan Crawford, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? is a stunning testimony to a golden age.

Baby Jane Hudson (played in her older years by a gloriously dilapidated Davis) was a star. As a goldie-locked kindergarten beauty, Baby Jane performed to sold-out audiences in 1917. Sister Blanche, then the plainer of the two, was always reminded of that depressing reality. Standing off-stage left, enviously watching her sister screech through a set of syrupy "I love you daddy" numbers, Blanche could only dream of a future when the audience's eyes and inclinations might shift. And they do. Flashing decades forward with superb audacity, director Robert Aldrich introduces us to a new world, where Blanche is a superstar who, though crippled, is still adored by her fans. Baby Jane is as Baby Jane was destined to be, a pale shadow of her juvenile success.

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Possessed Review

Joan Crawford channels Joan Crawford in Possessed, a prototypical part for the stark actress.

Crawford plays Louise, who is introduced to us as she dazedly walks into a diner, asking for a man named David. After she collapses, she's hauled off to the mental hospital, where the doctors shake their heads and shrug. Flashbacks reveal why Louise is in such a state: She's kinda nuts, and the last thread snapped after she killed the mysterious David (Van Heflin).

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Joan Crawford

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Grand Hotel Movie Review

Grand Hotel Movie Review

"People come and people go, and nothing ever happens at the Grand Hotel." Thus observes...

Grand Hotel Movie Review

Grand Hotel Movie Review

"People come and people go, and nothing ever happens at the Grand Hotel." Thus observes...

Mildred Pierce Movie Review

Mildred Pierce Movie Review

Joan Crawford's Oscar-winning performance in 1945's Mildred Pierce was a career pinnacle she reached after...

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Although one could have fun imagining a film in which Rosalind Russell and Joan Crawford...

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