Actress Joan Collins once landed in trouble with the law after she was caught smuggling couture dresses into the U.S.
The Dynasty icon was mortified after customs officials discovered a suitcase packed full of gowns by Italian fashion designer Valentino.
Collins ended up on authorities' database for failing to declare her frocks - but she maintains the incident was an accident.
She tells Britain's The One Show, "Once I got into trouble with customs. I'd been in Paris making a movie, and I'd been there for three months. I came back with my 11-year-old daughter, my nanny, an assistant, and lots and lots and lots of suitcases. Valentino had made me some dresses. I said to the concierge at the hotel, 'Don't send them to America, send them to my house in the South of France.' He didn't.
"The first thing that happens is that the customs man opened (my suitcase) and finds all these beautiful Valentino dresses. He said, 'What is this?' I said, 'It's a mistake' and I went bright red - I felt so guilty. He started taking everything out, he started taking out my underwear, my stockings. There were people going by with cameras - luckily, this was before cell phones. But people were taking pictures. I was there for two hours. They put me on a database for about four years."