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Joan as Police Woman
Eternal Flame
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Joan as Police Woman Eternal Flame Single

Having worked alongside artists such as Nick Cave, Antony & The Johnsons, Rufus Wainwright, Elton John and Lou Reed among other stars, you would expect New Yorker Joan Wasser to be a pretty accomplished musician, as it goes - her album 'Real Life ' is currently subject to rapturous critical acclaim and the single Eternal Flame is her latest offering from the album.

Eternal Flame is a sweet summery pop number that oozes beauty, with low harmonised vocals, a sparse piano arrangement, and subtle guitar feedback providing an atmospheric intro, But its Joan's amazing vocal talent that really brings the song to life. The 2 B-sides take on a more minimal and sorrowful approach, 'Broken Eyes' sees Joan's searching vocals accompanied by supple & simplistic drum rythmn and guitar riff on electric. And 'Sweet Thing' (a David Bowie cover) follows a similar route.

Joan has this wonderfully soulful, almost effortless and utterly unique voice and she shows her versatility throughout the 3 songs on this release. She has the ability to adapt her vocal approach at the drop of a hat. Comparisons have been made with the likes of Nina Simone and Dusty Springfield and if you want a contemporary comparison then think like a more talented version of Corrine Bailey Rae minus some of the cheerfulness.

Eternal Flame is a very impressive release, and the 2 B-sides are arguably just as strong as the single. Pop music has rarely been this sophisticated.

Colin Burrill

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