Folk band Jo Mango (named after the lead vocalist and songwriter) is set to spellbind their quickly growing fanbase with their second album 'Murmuration' scheduled for release on November 5th 2012 through Olive Grove Records. Ahead of the release, they have unveiled the spectacularly moving video for their new single and album opener 'The Black Sun'. 

The track is one of those few songs that are out there in the world where it is physically impossible not to be immediately drawn into the music; the dominance of Jo's slow, gentle vocals with her unfailingly resonating lyrics is enough to leave rooms silent as listeners are immediately hypnotised by the beauty of the sound and the clarity of the words. It tells a deep story of a child's grief when their adopted starling dies and is buried; the feeling of misery and an inability to think of anything else, and Jo manages to erase the trivia of the situation and how an adult would see it by successfully conveying the event from a child's perspective. 

Before recording her album, Jo had been showcasing her talent as a multi-instrumentalist on tour with the band Vashti Bunyan who had previously described her as 'uniquely gifted'. She roped in Adem Ilhan to record and produce the record for her after they became good friends while touring and collaborating with different bands. 

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