J. K. Rowling is talking about Harry Potter again. Normally, in this type of article, this part would be the spoiler warning, but, come on, guys, it’s been seven years since the books came out.

JK Rowling
Jk Rowling is sorry.

So Rowling has been known to revise some of her writing choices post factum. Dumbledore is gay, but somehow this never made it into the books. Meanwhile Rowling has decided that she might actually be a Harmony shipper and sorta-kinda-said that Ron and Hermione shouldn’t have ended up together. This, of course, is her authorial right and we would never assume that it has anything whatsoever to do with keeping up her media profile. Wink.

So with that in mind, her latest tweet is one the Potter fandom has been waiting for for seven years. In case you’ve somehow missed it, today is the 17th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, so Rowling wrote this message, in memoriam:

Rowling has previously expressed regret over killing characters, including Florean Fortescue, a minor character who owned an ice cream shop in Diagon Alley. "He is not the first wizard whom Voldemort murdered because he knew too much (or too little), but he is the only one I feel guilty about, because it was all my fault," she said in a post on Pottermore, reports the Independent.

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After expressing her regret over killing Fred, she was bombarded with tweets from fans from all over the world asking her if she regretted killing any other characters too. Replying to a tweet from @Brieuc26Rankin, Rowling said:

We really didn’t need any more feels today anyway. Resume Sunday as normal.