Edinburgh-based Jk Rowling has admitted that come 2014, she will be voting against the country's proposed moved for independence from the United Kingdom and Great Britain.

The 2014 referendum will determine whether or not Scotland will stay as part of the Union and as a non-Scot living in Scotland the Harry Potter author is entitled to cast her vote on the matter. During a press conference for her new novel, The Casual Vacancy, the esteemed author very bluntly explained that she is "pro Union."

The author, originally from Yate in Gloucestershire, has a history of wearing her political allegiance on her sleeve, having donated to the UK Labour Party on a number of instances including one £1million donation in 2008, however this is the first time she has spoken on the controversial issue. At the same press conference she detailed her politic allegiance even further by damning the current Tory government, comparing the powers of Westminster to the same government that reigned at the beginning of the 1990's, thus taking a massive leap back in terms of how the under-classes are cared for by the government.

The author also went on to explain that, following the success of the Harry Potter franchise, she sought professional help and underwent therapy to cope with the pressure fame and fortune brought her. She said she found the sudden success was "incredibly disorienting", but after receiving professional help she felt much better, admitting that she is a "big fan" of therapy.