Jk Rowling is reportedly selling the mansion where she wrote her world famous Harry Potter books , so if any budding writers out there feel that a change in residence could solve that tricky writer's block, then all they need to do is come up with some $3.6 million to own it. The Daily Mail writes that Rowling moved out of the mansion, which is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2009. She'd already written four of the seven books in the house though, where she'd lived with her husband Dr Neil Murray and their three children.

Fancy some information about what you'll be getting for your money then? The Mail reports that the 19th century building is built on two floors and has landscaped gardens and several outhouses as well as a detached split-level office. It's described as being located in one of Edinburgh's most exclusive conservation areas. The new home owner will be able to lay claim to a double garage that can be accessed by a cobbled lane at the back of the house.

Unsurprisingly, given how Rowling claimed at the Leveson Inquiry at how much her privacy had been invaded by the press, the gardens are walled and the whole place comes with an advanced security camera system.