The Harry Potter franchise well and truly launched the career's of author Jk Rowling and actor Emma Watson, with both women gaining universal acclaim for their role in the seven-book and eight-film epic, but how is life treating them post-Potter?

Pretty well, we'd say. The creator of the Potter universe is set to take the literary world by storm with her new book (and this time it's for adults) The Casual Vacancy, with pre-orders hitting the roof. According to The Telegraph, Darren Hardy, books manager at online retailer Amazon, said: "JK Rowling is one of the most well-loved authors of all-time and there is a lot of anticipation ahead of the release of her new novel. We have seen a great deal of customer interest for 'Casual Vacancy' and, on the strength of pre-orders alone, it has featured in the bestsellers list since it was announced. It's likely to be one of our bestselling books this Christmas."

Emma Watson, who portrayed the smart brave 'mudblood' Hermione Granger, has also faced a more adult reincarnation for new role in Perks of Being A Wallflower, which deals with themes of suicide and mental illness as opposed to potions lessons and butterbeer. Donning an American accent and depicting an entirely different character, Watson seems to have escaped her typecast wizardry role for now. Perks hit cinemas in the U.S last Friday (September 21), and The Casual Vacancy will be published worldwide on Thursday 27th September 2012.