J.K Rowling has plunged millions of Harry Potter fanatics into frenzy mode this morning, when she hinted that a director's cut of the wizardry story could happen.

Speaking to BBC News, Rowling bemoaned the speed of which she authored some of the infamous novels, insisting: "There were a couple of the Potters and I definitely knew that they needed another year." The creator of the 'potterverse' was keen not to make the same mistake with her new book, The Casual Vacancy, which is published tomorrow (September 27th). But had the rush to complete certain chapters of her magical tale inspired Rowling to rework some of Harry's adventures? Well she certainly didn't say no: "I read them, and I think 'Oh God, maybe I'll go back and do a director's cut', I don't know." And cue the madness. A rare interview, J.K isn't one to blurt out under-prepared answers to please her interviewer, so Potter fans should take note, as they undoubtedly already have.

Her aforementioned new release is showing signs that it'll be a hit come Christmas. With chart topping performances at literary outlets like Waterstones and Amazon, it's likely her grown-up book will be on the wish list of many around this time in December. "It is a parochial - literally - novel that's looking at slicing through a society with everything that that implies. That's what I wanted to do," she said of the book.