The premise of Austenland is simple – by today’s standards at least - Jane Hayes loves everything Jane Austin and Pride & Prejudice. She loves the regency era, the clothes, the accents and the drama, but most of all, she well and truly loves Mr. Darcy. We’ve all been there, right? (I’m talking to the boyfriends).

Bret McKenzie and Keri RussellMcKenzie and Russell look wistfully into the sky

As if filling her with bedroom all manner of Austen-themed memorabilia wasn’t enough, Hayes – played by Keri Russell – embarks on an adventure to the ultimate Austen experience in England, something that strips her of her life savings. But, hang on a minute; the world that Austen brought to life in her books isn’t actually that swell. Where’s the Internet? Facebook? NO CONTACT MUSIC?! Well this won’t do.

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