So, we’re not sure how reliable this information is, but rumors have been circulating that the upcoming Star Wars movie is going to be called Star Wars Episode VII: The Ancient Fear. While the finished product may not ultimately end up with the title, it may well be the working title for while production is still running.

Star Wars The Ancient FearWill Star Wars Episode VII be called "The Ancient Fear"?  It seems quite plausible.

Ain’t It Cool News reported the rumor, explaining, “I ran it by everyone in the editorial chatroom. Beaks, Merrick, Quint, Capone…everyone…and they rattled their sources cages - and couldn’t get confirmation…BUT tonight…a source that I’m told to call Col. Mustard claimed completed on his own that “the working title” was THE ANCIENT FEAR…”

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Why the ancient fear, you ask? Well, we guess it refers to the famous theory from the earlier movies that fear leads to the Dark Side. Remember when Yoda said in Star Wars Episode I: The Phanton Menace, “Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.” So, perhaps the “working title” refers to the original fear which marked the beginning of the Dark Side? Or perhaps someone from the past is going to show up (we’re guessing whoever von Sydow’s character is) to once again challenge the safety of Luke, Leia, Han and now, their offspring.

This particular rumour comes just a couple of days after May 4 AKA Star Wars Day. If you haven't already guessed why May 4 is Star Wars Day, here's a hint: May the Fourth be with you!

To mark the occasion Star Wars Episode VII director Jj Abrams released a short YouTube clip alongside script writer Lawrence Kasdan, teasing fans that there could be more casting announcements to come.

While nothing was actually announced on Star Wars Day (as many fans had expected there to be), Abrams did mention in the 23-second clip, “So, as casting announcements continue and the production ramps up we would just like to wish you a very happy…Star Wars Day.”

Star Wars
Fans had expected some exciting Star Wars news on May the Fourth

We’re not sure whether that was an accidental slip of the tongue, or whether Abrams really is planning on announcing more major Star Wars cast news. We have a suspicion that Zac Efron’s name may be one that pops up, if more casting news is indeed planned.  ]

Star Wars Episode VII is due to be released December 18, 2015.

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