It’s not often the U.K gets its hands on a movie before the U.S, but with Star Trek Into Darkness, that’s exactly what happened. Last night’s U.S Premiere of the film brought along all the stars as America finally got their hands on this long-awaited sci-fi sequel.

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J.J. Abrams and his intergalactic cohorts Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Alice Eve, Karl Urban, Peter Weller and John Cho were all in attendance. “It was just great to walk back onto the bridge of the Enterprise and say, ‘Buckle up, here we go again,'" Lindelof told The Hollywood Reporter. “My favorite part about this film was getting to work again with the people that I love and respect and I remained friends with since the first time we all met,” the Star Trek stalwart explained, before lavishing praise on J.J Abrams, who is about to embark on a totally new sci fi adventure with Star Wars. “To get to work with a director like J.J. is very inspiring because you learn so much. It’s almost like a learning curve every single day you come to set.” Saldana, who plays Nyota Uhura in both Star Trek films, explained how "The action does not stop. The suspense challenges you as well. It’s not one of those films that the plot is so easy that you know how it’s going to go."

JJ Abrams Star Trek Premiere
Abrams is sprinking his sci fi magic everywhere

Alice Eve Star Trek Premiere
Alice Eve Bringing A Touch of Glamour To The Star Trek Into Darkness Premiere

Zoe Saldana Star Trek Premiere
Zoe Saldana Was Amongst The Best Dressed At The Star Trek Into Darkness Premiere

Chris Pine Star Trek Premiere
Chis Pine Looking Pretty Suave At The Star Trek Into Darkness Premiere

Zachary Quinto Star Trek Premiere
Zachary Quinto At The Star Trek Into Darkness Premiere

Kate Beckinsale Star Trek Premiere
Kate Beckinsale Turned Up At The Star Trek Into Darkness Premiere

Star Trek Into Darkness has certainly been a hit with the critics, but it’s not gone down quite as well as its predecessor, which managed a whopping 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. Into Darkness grabbed 88%, which is still pretty, pretty good.