Since J.J Abrams was announced to be the next Star Wars Director, Star Trek fans feared for the worst. He did an excellent job with the first Star Trek film (first modern one), has he managed it again with Into Darkness?

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Luckily, he hasn’t disappointed with his latest sci-fi offering. In particular, critics were enamoured with Zachary Quinto’s turn as the legendary Spock. ”Above all, Quinto is enduringly great: his Spock is vulnerable, sensitive, emotionally constricted, but idealistic and heroic as well. The franchise will always have life with him on board,” write The Guardian. “In some sense, the title is misleading. Into Darkness is a blast, fun, funny, spectacular and exhilarating,” say Empire Magazine. In fact, most of the reviews point towards a brilliant film. “Ultimately, it's a blockbuster that pretty much follows the story-telling arc of its compadres in the superhero world...yet Star Trek's not just living well. It's prospering,” goes the review on Sky Movies. But there is a hint of disappointment. Everyone seems to agree that this is a good film, but the fact that it’s as good or maybe even slightly worse than its predecessor is just too much for some reviewers.

JJ AbramsAbrams is risking it all by taking on Star Trek AND Star Wars

In a review entitled: “Jj Abrams' Starfleet return sets phasers to underwhelm,” The Independent write: “Star Trek Into Darkness gets the job done without ever threatening to raise one’s pulse. It’s a thoroughly professional entertainment. But if someone said you could never watch another one, what would be your response? Would you say “I’m going to miss you”, or would you take the Spock line, and give it your best blank stare?”