After a long, long wait (too long, if you ask any fan) Star Trek Into Darkness is finally here. And, as it usually goes with these film things, lots of people already have lots to say. As expected, the sequel to the highly praised Jj Abrams flick from 2009 was excellently received by most. There were, however, some minor criticisms, the main one being that it just isn’t as good as the first one.

The Age’s Giles Hardy hails the film as a “brilliant, bromantic blockbuster” referring to the deepening friendship between Kirk and Spock in this installment. However, the presence of Alice Eve as a “never quite properly explained visual aid” is also notable. Andrew Pulver from The Guardian, on the other hand, has some not so nice things to say about the visuals in Star Trek, namely that “Into Darkness is slathered in so much lens flare it looks like a Kylie Minogue video” He does also praise the snappy dialogue and fast paced action scenes though, and that is part of what sci-fi thrives on, after all.

Other publications check in with grander reviews – “a breathtaking rollercoaster” says The Metro, while most praise Benedict Cumberbatch for his turn as the villainous Khan. But then again, we’re fairly convinced that there isn’t a human with an internet connection, who doesn’t love a bit of Cumberbatch.

So, what you can take from this is, as expected, Star Trek Into Darkness is worth seeing – you’re in for a bit of bromance, some good acting and maybe a slight headache afterwards. In Abrams’s hands, the series is definitely set to live long and prosper.