Jj Abrams, most famous for his work on hit sci-fi Lost, is the executive producer on NBC’s latest action drama Revolution which airs tonight (Sept. 17) and Contactmusic.com has read the reviews so you don’t have to. The show tells the story of a world without electricity, 15 years after an unknown quantity rendered Earth’s technology obsolete. “Favreau (Jon) brings a lot of strong energy to Revolution, giving appropriate weight to moments like that opening sequence and delivering action that is more notable and big than is normal for network TV – a sword fight Miles has with multiple foes is incredibly fun and cool,” says Eric Goldman of IGN.com. “Not everything gels though. I’m a big fan of Kripke’s work on Supernatural, but some of the Revolution pilot is a bit clunky,” continues the review. The so-so review that IGN have given is typical of the overall reception to this latest attempt at a post-apocalyptic drama. “Revolution will most directly remind the audience of two recent flops that otherwise would have soon disappeared from memory—Terra Nova (about people from the future roughing it in the prehistoric past) and The Event (about nobody-ever-figured-out-what). Lonely rebels struggle against shadowy conspiracies and shady narrative logic,” writes Tory Patterson of Slate.com. Abrams has become famous for losing his thread with TV shows, and early indications suggest that Revolution will do the same. Lost, whilst considered a behemoth of American television, had many things levelled at it, but it’s primary charge was the idea that no one – including the people involved in the show – really knew what was going on. And another of Abrams’ shows, Alcatraz, was recently cancelled. It looks like this will be a show for the sci-fi hard-core.